Photos: Behind the scene “Kida Kudz” new single video “Komole”

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International Nigerian Rapper “Kida Kudz”, real name kayode odesanya. The winner peak talent show2 and zonal final winner of sprite triple slam 2010. Who has been making waves in the UK and has shared the stage with Nigeria superstars such as Iyana and Olamide, shot the video for his new single “Komole” but not out yet at the  prestigious English Heritage ” Fort Borstal”.

“Fort Borstal” was built as an afterthought from the 1859 Royal Commission on the defence of the United Kingdom by convict labour between 1875 and 1885 but it was never used.

The video also featured one of the members of Girlsroc, who got to the final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2011. The song for enjoyement and people who love to celebrate life.The video will drop in a months time. Produced by OY

Photos Courtesy: Michael Tubes

KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs1 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs2 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs3 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs4 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs5 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs6 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs7 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs8 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs9 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs10 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs11 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs12 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs13 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs14 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs15 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs16 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs17 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs18 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs19 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs20 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs21 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs22 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs23 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs24 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs25 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs26 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs27 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs28 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs29 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs30 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs31 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs32 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs33 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs34 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs35 KidaKudz_Komole_360nobs36



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