Panic As Airplane Pilot Blacks Out On Landing

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ABC News – A pilot who blacked out while flying a light plane in the New South Wales central west has had a lucky escape, along with his passenger, police say.

Police and paramedics were called to the Forbes Airport this afternoon after the plane’s passenger radioed for help when the pilot became ill.

The aircraft was forced to circle the airport for several minutes while the pilot regained consciousness.

Another aircraft was sent up to help guide the plane into land.

Detective Sergeant Steve Howard says the passenger had little flying experience.

“They were given some guidance as to how to bring the plane back in towards the airport,” he said.

“Fortunately, very fortunately during that time, the pilot did regain consciousness.

“I do believe the passenger had some prior experience in the plane and had landed the plane with some assistance in the past, but we were just very fortunate that the pilot did come to.”

Detective Sergeant Steve Howard says the alternative outcome could have been a tragic.



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