Old Papa: “I Don’t Understand Twitter & Instagram” – Thierry Henry

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Well our hopes of one day following on the greatest strikers ever, Thierry Henry have officially been dashed after he made public his dislike for social media.

The New York Red Bulls striker has legions of devotees around the world following his performances for Arsenal, Barcelona and France.

But, unlike many of the world’s top footballers, Henry has no wish to interact with them via Twitter or Instagram.

Asked if he had any interest in creating an account on Twitter by reporters at a launch event for the PUMA evoPOWER boot, Henry said: “Zero interest. Minus 120%, whatever you want to put. I don’t like Twitter, I don’t like Instagram, I don’t have a Twitter [account], I don’t have an Instagram.

“You can find a lot of pages of me there and it’s not me. I don’t see the point. I’m very old school like that. That’s why you guys are here. I can talk about it so you can write, I don’t need to have Twitter.

“You can relate to what I’m saying about whatever, you know, old school. For me it’s good, I like it when I speak to people face to face, I’m here looking at you.

“I have never understood it. I don’t understand all that Twitter, Instagram thing. I don’t really get it. But I respect it.”



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