Move over Davido: another Omo Baba Olowo drops a single….

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24-year-old beauty, Abimbola “Bim” Fernandez will be dropping her first single as a recording artiste. The song is titled “Lets Take It Naked”.  Bim is the daughter of Nigerian gemstone tycoon Antonio Deinde Fernandez, who Bim says is worth a staggering $8.7 billion. According to the New York Post :

Born in France in 1988, Fernandez first got interested in music at age 4 — her parents made her perform violin for them in the music room every Sunday. She picked up guitar at age 13 at boarding school, due to a passion for Courtney Love and for the Irish band Blink. Her professional debut would come years later when she moved to New York after a one-month stint at Oxford Brookes University in England. “Everyone was way too snobby — I couldn’t do it,” Fernandez says of her unhappy few weeks there.

Stateside, Fernandez immersed herself in concert culture, befriending members of the pop-punk band Forever the Sickest Kids. They, in turn, introduced her to Gabe Saporta, lead vocalist of Cobra Starship. “I was sitting in their dressing room, and I didn’t know anyone, [so] I was just pretending to fidget through my purse,” says Fernandez. “I had a [black] Centurion AmEx, and it fell on the floor. Gabe picked it up and goes, ‘Whose is this?’ And I go, ‘It’s mine.’ And he goes, ‘Who are you?’ ”

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