Man Poses As Beggar And Hands Money Out to People Who Stopped To Help

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An Iowa businessman posed as a homeless person Christmas Eve and gave money to people who handed him donations on the side of a snowy road.

Jonnie Wright stood on a bitterly cold street corner in the Des Moines suburb of Johnston handing sealed envelopes to people who gave him money. He handed out roughly $1,000 dollars in the 50 envelopes he gave away.
The envelopes were stuffed with a letter and either a $10 or $100 bill, according to pictures posted on his Facebook page. He told KCCI he did the giveaway because it was on his bucket list.


Mr Taylor said it reminded him about the meaning of Christmas, that ‘it wasn’t about gifts, it’s about giving back.’
Mr Wright then took the money he was given, doubled it and gave it to Bethel Mission, a local homeless shelter.

He then told KCCI he had been planning to do this for a long time. The successful man earned his money as CEO of The Buyosphere, a sales consulting firm he founded.
‘This has been a bucket-list thing for me for some time,’ Mr Wright explained. ‘I always knew I wanted to give back.’



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