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Hi guys, welcome to insta-style-review.  A column where I bring you the summary of all the yays and nays of fashion through the week(Sunday to Saturday) using posts from instagram. To get featured just add #360Nobs to your captions on instagram. Starting off the countdown this week is:

6)Yvonne Nelson- Garden for sale

I begin with the hair. Blehh!!!!! So wrong.

The dress is a pretty dress, I can actually understand why she added the belt to it, and the shoes are gorgeous. What I don’t understand is why she put it all together.

That outfit as a whole is horrendous to look at.

P:S I think the hair is a wig, but still 😥

yvonne nelson


5) Toyosi Oguntuase- Downplayed sexy

First off, that hair is amazing, the Diana Ross-inspired look is on trend right now, and of course you can trust Nigerian girls to jump on it. But Toyosi pulls off the hair in an amazing way.

She pretty much played it safe with the black shoes and monochrome dress but it all comes together very well.

Dress is by New look, Shoes are by Zara. Instagram: DOROTHYTUASH



4)Amaka Charles –  Gothic  Rapunzel

Those shoes are great!!!!. Love them all the way. Amazing  leather dress, curvy girls can rock leather also. Great lip color too. The entire outfit would have equaled perfection, but sweetie that weave. Are you a mermaid?

Asides from the fact that shorter hair would have looked better with it, that weave is way too long. I can see the great quality and all, but it is too too long. Hey Rapunzel 😎

Instagram: Amaka_charles



3)Ify Michelle Umoekeke:  Sheik Chic

Love love love this outfit all the way. The Jeans are from Agbani Darego’s denim collection-AD- . I love the red blazer.

Blazer:Mango, Shoes:Aldo, Jeans: AD Jeans.    Instagram: kifycutie

kifycutie Ifeoma Umuoekeke


2)Enny Odeniyi-  Urban princess

enny odeniyiNeed I say more?

I made an exception for Eniola, I went through her blog and I saw this great outfit which isn’t on her instagram, and I decided to show it to you guys. Instagram: Enny_OEnny OdeniyyyiiiiShoes:Peppermint, Dress:Newlook, Jacket:Little by little from Asos marketplace, Retro flip sunnies:Ebay, Jewellery: River Island, H&M


1) Niyola:  Our number one look for this week is Niyola. First off this picture is from a music video shoot, so the outfit isnt ‘terribly horrible’. I think the material looks extremely cheap though and I would probably go blind if I stared at those shoes for too long.

This outfit was put together by a stylist(IG: who_is_chynabee), a little too ordinary? 😆

What do you guys think? Instagram: Niyola

niyola video shoot

That is all on this week’s edition of insta-style-review. I apologize for not posting on time.

Remember to get featured, just add #360NobsStyle to your caption(celebrity or non-celebrity).

Stay fashionable fashionistas. Xx




Writer. Lover of fashion, food, finance & some more food Twitter &Instagram: Oluwadunnii


  1. u just sit abi stand n b running ur mouth put ur own pics let’s yab heaven out of u…. d ppl DAT worn d clothes n hair r not complaining… i bet if u ask dem dey love it. all d ladies r on point joor

  2. OK the idea of this column is good but your criticisms are rather too shallow……..personally you can do better. Lets see more professional constructive criticisms. Keep up the good work hun,

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