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I read an article on Cosmo and how to pull of a perfect PDA, the article was inspired by Jlaw’s based on instinct PDA at the Golden Globes some days ago and their readers are being schooled on how to pull  a perfectly good one.

I could have just copied theirs and written in my own words, but then our society differs from theirs. Here PDA makes you look absolutely stupid and people just keep ogling when you show love to your other half in public.

I am a huge fan of public display of affection and when I am in love, I can kiss my boo anywhere and at anytime, I don’t care what the next person thinks.

However, this article is for you if you care a teeny weeny bit about the next gbeborun/by stander that might be trying to make your business his/her business.

-Be spontaneous. Let it be something you didn’t plan, let it just happen and please enjoy the moment when it does. Nothing beats sharing love with the person you love anywhere you want it.

-Go all the way. If you want to do it, then do it well. Ignore the people around for ten seconds, count your fingers if you will and go all the way for it. Don’t do it half way and then stop.

-Let it be fun- Giggle through it so you can lose the unwelcome stares the people around you are sending your way, have fun with your partner, you both should laugh and you would realize it would feel like its just the two of you in the whole world.

-Keep it short. As much as you might want the moment to last forever, you don’t want it to last forever in a crowded mall. So do it fast and quick. Its always sweeter that way anyway.



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  1. So basically, these are rules on how to kiss one’s beloved in public based on the “The First Reich of Female Magazines” namely Cosmopolitan. You do realize that when you say “go all the way” and then in the same breath you say “keep it short” it seems that you aren’t comfortable with the idea yourself as going all the way quite logically denounces any notion of keeping it short and if you care at all what another person thinks of your PDA then this feeling will never go away hence you might as well not do it.

  2. Hi Julian, seems to me that in a bid to type a quick response to the article, you conveniently forgot to comprehend what you read. That’s if you didn’t just brush past the very short but self explanatory article. Go all the way as I clearly explained for the purpose of this article means losing yourself and forgetting about the next person. Keeping it short however means don’t enjoy so much you stay there forever. One would have thought you’d see that. By the way, this isn’t “rules on how to kiss your beloved in public”. It is my own set kg guidelines for people who are shy or who care what the next person thinks of their PDA. Thanks for stopping by, I’m hoping you’ll read clearly before dropping a comment next time. Cheers.

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