How To Make Your Man Feel Special

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Stroke his ego, tell him he is the best in everything, from the way he makes you squirm when he touches you, to the way he makes you feel special by going out of his way for you, to the way he looks at you like his world begins and ends with you. Tell him, he is the best in the bedroom and outside the bedroom, a man loves to hear that, it makes them want to do more for their woman.

Surprise him with the most unexpected picture. This I would strongly recommend for women who are married, blame me not, I am still old school in some of my ways. But if you can do it without caring as a non married woman, then please go all the way because men love it! Send him a naughty picture of you, or text him telling him what you would like for both of you to do when he comes home at night. Tell him you would like it on the couch without taking your clothes off, or on the kitchen counter. Tease him and better be ready because he would be very ready for you by the time you see.

Be his biggest fan/cheerleader. Ask him about his work and how everything went that day, then tell him how proud of him you are, let him know you think he is the best and he is so focused and such a hardworker. A man’s job is his pride and usually tied to his manliness, if you show him you are a copilot where his dreams, aspirations and career is concerned, he is going to be in awe of you.

Know the things he likes to do for fun. Is it football? Tennis? Wrestling or Boxing match? Whatever the case may be, find out and enjoy it with him. ask him about the game and you will see how excited he would be that you love what he loves.

Laugh at his jokes, get his jokes, love his jokes. Women generally tend to laugh a lot around a man they are in love with, even the silliest joke is likely to crack them up. laugh at your man’s jokes and let him know you enjoy every minute spent with him.

Cater to him. Remember Destiny Child’s “Cater To You” single, off their Destiny Fulfilled album  that was a hit a decade ago? Yeah, that one. Remember part of the lyrics of that song, includes you looking good as one of the ways of catering to your man? Taking care of your man, means taking care of yourself, being happy and loving him all at the same time. Cook his favourite meals, but don’t look like an Old maid while at it, dress fine, give him the most passionate lovemaking session that would make him forget his date of birth, buy him gifts, be there for him, let his friends be envious of the woman he’s got.



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