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Most women would rather their men shut up when some things happen, this is because women believe men just don’t get it when some things happen to them. They expect a certain reaction and response and when they get something different, they tend to get really angry and sometimes even go to the extreme of shouting the man down.

However, a woman can sometimes use some of these ideas and suggestions.

When you feel so angry because your boss has made you feel like an idiot at work and your female coworker has done the most ridiculous thing to you that morning, you might call your man and vent. Thing is however, you might not like his response, so to ensure he doesn’t say something that might piss you off, how about you tell him, “What would you do in this situation” or “I just need someone to vent to, all I need you to do is listen”. This would help him know what to say and how to make you feel better.

Sometimes a man offers his suggestion at the wrongest time that makes you want to scream, “who asked you?”. This can help in a situation like that, when he suggests something when you really don’t need him to, just be neutral or be gentle. Don’t say anything that shows you can do without his suggestions/opinions, allow him, even if you would end up not taking it.

Never forget to give him credit for any help he offers. No matter how ridiculous you think his suggestion regarding your hair or kitchen arrangement is, just smile and thank him. even if you would discard whatever he has said the next minute, thank him, give him credit for helping out but never make him feel silly or like an errant child.



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