How to be a great Side Chic

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1. Learn your “boo’s” schedule; don’t go calling him when he’s with the original madam.

2. Manage your boo’s moods; things like nudes and timely presents can help control this. You have to be eternally sexy, the luxury of being your dressed down self is left for only main chicks.

3. Do not act like you want to be the main chick even If that’s what you really want.

4. Do not discuss your other men with your boo. To him, he is your one and only.

5. If you attend an event where madam happens to attend, you are to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible or leave the event to avoid any awkwardness – this does not apply to those of you who are sleeping with your best friend’s boos, you guys need Jesus.

6. A great side chick has her own money: You can’t depend on oga for your every meal, however, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the luxuries he offers, feel free to demand some from time to time.

7. Never demand more than half of what madam is getting: this is science. If madam is sent to America thrice a year, you should try to manage one UK trip and one Dubai trip.

8. Never ask the question “What are we doing?” “Where are we going?” – You are doing nothing, you are going nowhere, if the answers to these change he would be the one asking not you.

9. A side chick should not argue or complain: you are meant to be the cool one, the escape, the holiday, don’t become the problem.

10. This one is the golden rule: “Do not try to be part of his birthdays, public holidays, family events, valentine, bla bla bla , these are reserved for Madam, Don’t call, don’t text , just fade .

Feel free to add anymore “Side Chick Rules”. By the way this also applies to “Side Niggas” too; they are all over the place acting brand new.



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