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So it is almost your big day and you are getting nervy, which is understandable considering the fact that weddings and jitters go hand in hand and it is normal for brides to be nervous about their big day. But you see, sometimes, some things tend to go wrong on your big day. Find out how you can make sure this NEVER happens.

  1. Eat. But don’t eat too much. Yes you are walking down the aisle with the man of your dreams and you are very excited but have a little food in your stomach so you don’t get so hungry in the middle of the whole party. Just little.
  2. Ensure there is enough for your guests as well. You aren’t the wedding planner, but ensure whatever budget you have for the food is enough for all your invited guests. You wouldn’t want your reception to be “one kain” simply because they didn’t eat.
  3. Mind your wedding dress and make sure it is very comfortable before the big day. Don’t wear a boob dress with an A cup smaller than your D cup while you dance excitedly with your man, because I bet your guests aren’t exactly interested in your twins “flying” everywhere. Except you want to be an internet sensation through Youtube anyway.
  4. Don’t let your brother who you know always gets excited after a few bottles of liquor, anywhere near the mic to sing or give a toast. Do NOT.
  5. Keep your hands on your bouquet not your blackberry. These days, I see brides uploading their pictures and updates from the church and I wonder why they can’t just let it go for a second. Do not start a trend on social media with you and your husband’s name. eg #ZeeandBee2013andforever. Let the posting be later, after the wedding and the honeymoon maybe?


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  1. u 4got i.very important keep smiling don’t frown like u where 4ced 2 be there and if i get tired of the ceremony and it’s issues u can just bail and catch a early honeymoon and the rest 2 ur family.

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