How I missed the Nigeria Vs Morroco match [The Indomitable Nigerian Spirit]

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I couldn’t watch the game against Morroco, which I’ll say wasn’t my fault in anyway sadly, I was all ready to watch the game some hours before kick off in at the Campus hostel where I stay in school before the Evil in DSTV prevented the whole hostel occupants including I from watching what eventually turned into one of the best matches in Nigeria’s recent success of football.
Putting my disappointment aside I decided to get myself updated about the match trough the ever popular and what I saw in the first half made me fall asleep in sadness. In 45 minutes The Super Eagles of Nigeria [Champions of Africa] where 3 goals down, I couldn’t hide my disappointment and my roommates [3 of us] where literally disgusted. I didn’t even realise when I fell asleep in anger [that’s how much I love The Super Eagles].

   Fast forward to 10:30 pm I woke up to read [Exams are fast approaching :-(] and someone just called me and said “Tega you don hear Naija score, dem win 4-3” I was shocked, so like the biblical Doubting Thomas, I decided to check and and what I saw shocked me. As Warri-Lagos pikin wey know dey carry last, I went on YouTube to download the full match highlights to watch [don’t ask me how I did it, it’s totally illegal] and I was quite impressed with the never say die attitude the team came out with in the second half, I don’t know how Stephen Keshi does it but it’s official Keshi is greater than David “OgheneDoh” Moyes.

In Keshi’s words this is exactly what he told the team at half-time

What I told them at half time was that we were not the one playing like that, I told them they were giving too much
respect to the Moroccans. Even though they are a good team, they don’t deserve such from us, we are supposed to take our game to them and that is what they did in the second half. I told them I want to see the same character or more like they displayed in the game against Bafana Bafana and they did that,” he said.

This was the first time in 17 years that a Nigerian football team will score an important goal as late as the 89th minute, the other two previous occasions are in Saudi 1989 and Atlanta 1996 where we came goals down to defeat both Brazil and Argentina.

That’s the indomitable Nigerian spirit.

No matter the daunting challenges and difficulties, no matter the Boko Haram’s of these world, we still forge ahead for greater achievements

Borrowing a quote from a Nairalander Ittoroeti, he puts it in this way

“This same “Nigerian spirit” has seen Aliko Dangote becoming the first
African to make the forbes list of richest 50 people on planet earth. This same spirit made Samuel Peter ” the Nigerian
nightmare” becomes the west African to win the WBO TITLE . This same spirit has seen our Nollywood becomes a reference point to all other Africans countries,the Caribbean and the rest of the world.same spirit enable Seun Osewa to create Africa’s most popular’s website.

The Nigerian spirit is indescribable.

Don’t give up on Naija . I’m proud to be a NIGERIAN!
And we at 360nobs agree with you Ittoroeti, you’re spot on.



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