Health Benefits of Pineapple

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Nigerians are steadily reaching the point where healthy living and eating is now a hundred percent part of our daily lives.

Before now, wealth used to be attributed to pot-bellied stomachs, very fat bodies and sometimes even unhealthy living. Now we have realized that wealth has nothing to do with eating unhealthy food and sometimes the slimmer you are, the healthier you become.

A lot of fruits need to be incorporated into our diet to give us a healthy life, one of such fruits is the Pineapple which is very common around here. The pineapple has many health benefits that we may or may not know about.

-Pineapples are very rich in Vitamin C, this we learnt in primary school and is no news. But this article goes to reiterate the importance of pineapples in your diet, it protects you against cold and cough and even when you are down with any of those, eating pineapple makes you recover faster.

-Pineapples strengthen the gum. Since the gum primarily holds the teeth in place, strengthening it is of much importance, eating pineapples regularly strengthens your gums which in turn holds your teeth firmly.

-Pineapples fight against cancer. Yes, it does such miracles. It is amazing the wonders the fruits we see around everytime can do to our body system. Pineapples contain a high quality of anti-oxidants, which prevents damaged cells and tumours, thereby preventing you from cancers that may spring up from such.

-Heart diseases have a lower chance of occurring, when pineapples are a part of our diet. It lowers cholesterol thereby keeping heart diseases at bay.

-For Pregnant women, pineapples prevent nausea and morning sickness.

-Pineapples prevent constipation, because they aid digestion, the vitamin C and fibres in the fruit aids digestion and prevents constipation.

Note: To get amazing results however, make sure you eat Pineapples fresh, or make them into juice yourself. Processed pineapple juice wont give you the result listed above.



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