Hath-Way To Heaven: Anne Hathaway Almost Drowns In Hawaii

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Anne Hathaway almost drowned on vacation in Hawaii after she was caught in a dangerous riptide.

The Les Miserables star got caught up in a riptide, and while her husband, Adam Shulman, lay out of earshot on the beach, a fast-acting surfer came to her rescue.

New York Post‘s Page Six reports that Hathaway, 31, began waving her arms and screaming as the waves engulfed her, catching the attention of the local man who ran down the beach to her aid with a boogie board.

Photos of the dramatic incident show Anne’s short-haired head bobbing under the water as her hands flail in the air.

Once back safely on dry land, Hathaway was attended to by 32-year-old Shulman, who carefully bandaged up a cut on her left foot that had been caused by a sharp coral reef.



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