Grammy Awards 2014: Who Rocked The Metallic Look Best?

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We had about 5 celebrities sporting metallic dresses. 360Nobs fashionistas who was your favorite?

1) Taylor Swift in Gucci: ‘I love it – it’s like chain mail,’ she told E!’s Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. ‘It’s bullet proof. It’s really heavy. it’s all the things you’d expect it to be – it’s like a suit of armour.’

Her make-up was also flawless, though it can not be seen clearly from the pictures.

taylor swiftTaylor Swifftt


2)Ciara in Emilio Pucci:Pregnant Ciara dressed her blossoming baby bump in a stunning embroidered bronze Emilio Pucci gown with long sleeves. She also admitted to picking her dress about 4 months ago, but having to readjust the dress 3 to 4 times before the award show.

I understand the natural make-up and the messy hair, because the dress already has a lot going on. Still, I think her hair and make-up could have looked better.



3) Rita Ora in Lanvin:‘I was going to do floor length but it’s 4pm so I thought I’d do something short and kind of cute and glitzy,’ she told Ryan Seacrest. She paired the loook with a lot shiny rings. Great hair and make-up, and I love her shoes.



4)Amber Rose in a pale metallic dress: Do you see what I see??? That is Amber Rose with no tattoos!!!!!

Amber Rose sported a dramatic pale gold gown which showed off her ample curves, also hiding her tattoos with make-up




5)Chrissey Teigen(John Legend’s wife): This dress is beyond perfection, the hair and make-up look great. An up do would have been better for the hair. But, still she looks great. I love the plunging gold sequined gown.


My favorites are Chrissy Teigen and Taylor Swift. Who rocked the metallic look best?

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