Grammy Awards 2014: The Ugly The Ugly and The UGULAYYY

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Hey fashionistas, If I did not know better I would have thought the motto of the 2014 grammy’s was celebrate music and murder fashion.

360NobsStyle brings you the worst dressed of the 2014 grammy awards. Starting the countdown is

Kathy Griffin: My main problem with this dress is the fitting. I have other problems such as the choice of the hair style, her pale make-up, the shoes, and the color of the dress but my main problem with it is the fitting.kathy griffin


Chrisette Michelle: Anytime I see a curvy woman wearing a stupid outfit, my heart breaks. For this outfit my heart broke 15 times over. “Ahn, ahn. Sisteh!!!! Beht why??”

The only pants allowed to be that long are ‘bootcut’ pants'(which are on trend right now). The length of the pants make her legs look unreal.

Then honey why are your nails so long? Also, why can we see your bra? Plus did you pick this outfit a minute before you stepped out for the grammy’s? because I do not understand why you could not get a proper fit for that blazer.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Pharrel and Henry Lasichahn: LOL. I have no words for this outfit. No words whatsoever. That is his wife by the way. So stop dreaming about Pharrel.

pharell and henry Lasichanh


Faith Evans: This outfit would have been acceptable if the hair was different, or the dress was different. You do not pair that type of hair with a dress like this. Also, those shoes could have been better.

faith evans

Cyndi Lauper: She is over 60years, and it is very obvious that she is still living in the past. Anyways this ensemble is ugly sha and I am sure we all know, so I do not need to explain why it is on the worst dressed list. It cost a fortune though, She is wearing Alexander Mcqueen and her shoes are Jimmy Choo

Cyndi Lauper

Fantasia: First off, what is that ugly thing around her neck?This outfit has no hope whatsoever. There is nothing positive about this outfit. EPIC FAIL FANTASIA!!!!!


Kaya Jones: One thigh slit is sexy, two make me want to throw up. That hair is wrong!!! The shade of red is unflattering, the hairstyle choice, the shoes, that lip color. The bulge from her stomach.

Okay guys, I am done. This is officially the worst leather dress I have seen in my life.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Whose outfit was the UGU-LIIII-EESST? Also, who do you think should not be on the list?

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  1. These 360 people are crazy , All your Nigerian celebrities and the kobo kobo rubbish they were in the name of red carpet can’t even be compared to what you call uglayy !! why don’t you help out your own industry first !

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