Golf Stick Toh Badt: Nudes Of Mindless Behaviour’s Ray Ray Hit The Internet [R18 PHOTOS]

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Ray Ray, member of popular boyband Mindless Behaviour turned 18 recently, and seemed to celebrate it in the weirdest of ways.

Nude pictures of the singer hit the web after his birthday, and had female going crazy on Twitter.

Why, I’m a dude so I have no idea.

Check out the pic below!

rayray-mindless-behavior-nude 1390407044f87ab6cc7d



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  1. To all the people out there being rude. 1: He sent that to girl (which he has all rights to if she asked, which she did) she exposed him. AN DO NOT BE TRYING TO BE RUDE TWO BOY BANDS TEAM MINDLES FOR THE FACT! half of yall ain’t no better but wanna judge him! I swear people aint slick half of yall be doing the same stuff he did just then so sit down and shut up!

  2. damn, when i heard of this i didnt beleive it now that i see this DDDDAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNN, THAT SHIT IS BIG wow i am a little surprised it is that long, also yall gonna think im nasty but now that i see this i just wonder about the other guys thing or should i say jumk>>>>> lolz………

  3. i am goinb to miss seeing the boy band when i was a little younger and they 1st came out i was hopinb they never grow up they would always be mb but after this i dont thank theres any point of return for still beimg mindless behavior when i first heard the name mindless behavior i was like thats a kind of childishy name and they will be kidds foe ever but after seeing this its sad my opino is the person that held mb to gether was prodiggy and its sadd he has left and i know poeple have there own opino but i miss mindless,behavior the all boy band. so i thank they need to get back together how bout u. comment if u agree.

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