DMX Gets High Before Concert, Talks About Having Anal Sex In Prison

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The recent events in DMX’s life may just be taking a huge toll on him.

HOT97 reports that at the Master of Ceremony concert on Friday January 24th, DMX headlined after acts like Rakim, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick & more.

At the beginning of his set, DMX was sweating profusely he did about 30 push-ups, climbed a speaker that he needed help jumping off, kissed women in the crowd and topped it all off by speaking about having anal sex with men in prison for commissary.

Due to his slurred speech it wasn’t certain if he was referring to himself or his friends who are doing “20 years or better”in jail.

After that remark, many of the audience departed in the middle of his set. Many Master Of Ceremony concert attendees were in pure disbelief, no one could believe DMX had absolutely lost it.



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