Cool FM’s Freeze Talks About His Extensive Wristwatch Collection, Says Michael Kors Is For Poor People

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In a recent interview with Saturday Punch, Cool FM OAP Ifedayo ‘Freeze’ Olarinde talked about his extensive watch collection, the fake lifestyle of Nigerian artistes, and why he would never be caught wearing Michael Kors.

Catch excerpts of the interview below.

When you say a collection, how many are you talking about?
Not like how many, like how much. I have maybe $200,000 in wristwatches. What I am wearing now is a Rolex Daytona, I got it from Polo for Christmas. It cost about $30,000. Polo is Nigeria’s only authorised dealer, so I bought it from the company and I love it. I love pens too. Sometimes I could just be like a woman. I love things that shine but not all the time. I like cufflinks, pens but I am not the necklace or a bracelet kind of guy. Though I wear bracelets once in a while; so I like my cufflinks, pens and wristwatches, any attire that would show them off, I am good with it.

What wouldn’t you be caught wearing?
Michael Kors. I am sorry but I just think that brand is so razz. First their name, I think their name is so razz. Not exactly the name, it is the brand, all you have for the logo is MK. Their products are loud, ugly and cheap. I see someone wearing a Michael Kors watch and I see it as they are trying so hard to wear Rolex gold but can’t afford that so the next thing is to pick up Michael Kors. I would rather take equally priced designer but with a bit more class and less noise. I would never be caught wearing that. Designers I like are Tom Ford, Gucci, I love LV shoes that are not monogrammed. I like Hermes; I think that is a really brilliant designer. I like the fact that they play with orange a lot.

What is your take on celebrities posting photos of their expensive fashion items on their social media accounts?
First thing first, for all the entertainers putting up pictures of their accessories on Instagram, can they please tweet the receipt from an authorised dealer. Trust me, I have seen too many celebs wear fake stuffs. You can tell that they don’t know what they are wearing. Of course, there are a few brand names like D’banj, Don Jazzy, P-Square or Wizkid that would not wear fake. I have seen them wear good watches. But there are some other people who I have seen wear funny looking pieces. There was one particular musician that I saw wearing a Rolex and the gold was fading. Rolex never uses gold plates, they use pure gold. If you see anything gold on a Rolex, it is pure gold. When I saw that, I was disappointed at the musician, especially because of the level of respect I had for the musician. There is no such thing like buying a Rolex with a credit card. You can’t buy a Rolex with a credit card; who are you? Diddy? For you to be able to walk away with a £20,000 watch, you would have a substantial amount of money in that card.



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  1. This freeze iss just so vain and more vain and really vain. I don’t wanna talk much but… you have over 200k dolls in watches n u drive a range n a camry? nigga pls, u the vainest niccur alive.

  2. Talking about collecting watches and then you like Tom Ford and Gucci. You are really ignorant. A word of advice, for watches, think about Patek Phillipe, Zenith, Blancpain, etc. For shoes, ever heard of Edward Greene? John Lobb etc. You also like the razz stuff. Look for understated quality and stop making noise. Only one Rolex watch, person no go hear word.

  3. Michael Kors is worth 1 billion dollars. he has obviously made that much because many people are not as stupid as Freeze. now i dont blame wizkid when he said that poor people always have an opinion

  4. what do u think u r?Mr designers,ur cheap too by wearing watches of $2000 & $30000 u should be wear watches from 30000 pounds

  5. So much daftness from one person. And to think were only still in January. This guy has taken the prize for fool of the year. Only one rolex and the entire nation won’t rest. Ode ni bobo yi mehn

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