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“Beware Of Pastors… Pastors Beware!” is about the present day Nigerian Church; lowered standards, man worship and false prophets. How does the present day Christian worshipper preserve oneself from the activities of false prophets? Are there still faithful men of God? How can one recognize the true men of God? These are some questions that arise as one reads the introductory chapter.

Written by Kola Oyeyemi, “Beware Of Pastors… Pastors Beware!” is a relatively short book of eighty pages. It explores various issues in the life of the modern day Christian from a biblical and relatable perspective. It is Kola’s brutal honesty that draws one into the book. Regardless of the fact that he is a pastor, he delves into topics the modern day church rarely discusses.

Oyeyemi’s book follows the numerous controversies circling the Church of Christ at a time when Nigerian preachers continue to be under heavy scrutiny from an increasingly suspicious society. A pastor popularly known as Sign Fireman was arrested earlier this month for alleged ritual murder. Another Pentecostal pastor Chris Okotie was in the news last year for calling Pope Francis the Anti – Christ.

In August 2013, Common Wealth of Zion head, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was thronged into controversy after a female member of his church confessed she had an extra marital affair with him.

It’s the first time the author who is characteristically conservative, is embracing controversy. But he says the message in his book is clear, and divinely inspired.

“The underlined warning here is to prepare the believer for the emergence of these end time fraudsters, so that we don’t fall prey to their wiles,” Oyeyemi writes in the highly anticipated book.

The author also examines in-depth, the believer’s dynamic relationship with his spiritual leaders.

“Every true servant of God carries a special anointing to represent God supernaturally in the affairs of men, as agents of change …if ministers of the Gospel are important to the believer, how do we know the true Ministers Of God…”

The most remarkable part of the book has to be in Chapter four where he goes on to explain how to identify a true man of God or guard oneself against the whims of false prophets.

It is a must read for not just Christians but the unsuspecting non-believer as well.

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