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First off, I wanna wish all my fans and friends a happy new year. And I want to use this opportunity to thank all the bloggers/media hypes and all who took their time to read my first article ‘The Ten Commandments Of An Artiste”. Bless you!

Sometimes ago, I was with a boss and big bro in the industry, Slim T. He was giving me some useful advice, then he asked me a question. He said “Uche, what’s you’re definition of the ultimate musician?”. For a minute, I could not answer that. So he said I should go home and think about it. Which I did, and found out that the ultimate musician is one who has stood the test of time, worked very hard to get to where he/she is and has proven his/her worth in the game.

But before one thinks of becoming the ultimate musician, you have to make a lot of things work. And here are some of them:

1. GO TO SCHOOL: This is one aspect of life that we musicians joke with. We all know the saying that “Knowledge Is Power”,and for us to have this power,we need to go to school. So how do we intend to get this power without going to school? Even if you don’t want to go to a university, you can go to a good music school. Make this your top priority.

2. HAVE A BACKUP PLAN: This is another thing we musicians push aside. Please know that music won’t favour everybody. Its just by the grace of the Almighty, and your hard work too, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You never know what might turn up.

3. LEARN A THING IN MUSIC: As a musician,you should try to know how to play at least one instrument. Its cool when you can deliver live,what u deliver in the studio. There’s always a respect giving to artists who can play live instrument(s). Please learn one today. It might come in handy someday.

4. DEFINE YOUR MUSIC: Its important for you to have a unique style in the game. Your style makes it easier for your voice to be heard. So try to be  unique.

5. GET A GOOD PRODUCER: Every successful musician can testify that there was a good producer somewhere/underground. It does not have to be a know or popular producer. Trust me,there are lots of talented ones out there that u don’t even know exits. Quality production and sound is what matters.

6. RECORD A DEMO: You need materials to push yourself. Its no longer a time when deals come just like that. You need something to deliver. And if you ain’t got it,then I’m sorry.

7. MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE INDUSTRY PEOPLE: No matter who or what  you think you are, there is always a need to be in good terms with other artists and media people. We all are working towards same direction and we all need one another. That is a fact we can’t compromise.

8: SIDE HUSTLE: This is similar to having a backup plan. You need to have a side hustle. A side hustle simply means, something you do along with your music as a source of income and stability in your music career. NOTE: Music is money. And for us to make money out of music,we need to spend money. So be wise.

9. WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR?: In the end, we all have a thing or two we stand for. And this also applies to you as an artist and your songs. If I want to know the kind of person you are, I’ll go figure out the kinda of songs you listen to. Also as a musician, the people will judge you by your song(s) and personality.

Do all these and you will be the ultimate musician!!!!

Once more, Thanks to ya’ll. Happy New year. JahRastaFarai gwan fi guide us!!!. Watchout for next month’s edition. Shalom!

Written by: Uche tha Jewkid. A.k.a Cesaer. A 20yr old Nigerian/Jewish Kid.
A professional Musician,Songwriter and Performing Artiste.
Recorded his first song at the age of 12 and has never looked back since then. An aspiring Producer,Currently studying Artiste Development at the Tabernacle Music institute.
Uche tha Jewkid is a Member of the Uprising Musical Group known as FlyGanG.
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