360Style Interview: Temi Dollface

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Temi Dollface is a Nigerian self-acclaimed drama soul artiste with a sensational voice, but what got our attention on 360nobs Style are her retro-futuristic but playful style choices. She got featured in the November issue of international magazine GQ where she was  referred to as the African Janelle Monae.

360nobs style editor Oluwadunni, got the chance to interview her.

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What is style to you?

Style is something you live, not just have for special occasions or the red carpet. It is a way of being; the freedom to represent yourself with conviction.


Define your style?

I’m an individualist dresser. My style is experimental and forward thinking with a nod to the past.


Has your style ever been an obstacle?

Not that I have noticed but if at all, it is one that I have used to propel me forward.


Do you think the fashion industry is kinder to the skinnier girls?

In the respect that there would seem to be more options for a smaller woman. One could say the same about smaller shoe sizes. I think it is really just down to how a woman carries herself in whatever she wears.


Are you self-styled or do you use a stylist?

I am self-styled. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


How long does it take Temi Dollface to get ready?

Well, as I generally put my looks together at the last minute, it can take anywhere from 1hour to 3hours.


Any plans for a clothing line?

Maybe! Why not wait and see.


Where do you shop?

I’ll shop anywhere from my mother’s closet, to the high street and designer stores. You are most likely to find me rummaging through vintage stores.


How do you get rid of old clothes? Auction?  Sell to friends? Just throw them away?

I don’t get rid of old clothes. I customize them and turn them into something new. I am a bit of a mag-pie. Some would say hoarder, as I still wear things I have had since I was 10. If I am going to give any item of clothing away, it is never because it is old.


Why are you hardly seen on the red carpet?

I like to spend a healthy amount of time creating in the studio. So when I am not seen on the red carpet, I am likely to be working away on new material. I’m as much a producer as I am in love with all things fashion

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Do you have any style icons?

My mother, Aunt, and Betty Boop.


Who are your favorite designers and why?

Viktor and Rolf for their grand scope ideas and great execution, Vintage Dior for their Ultra-feminine 50’s shapes, Maki Oh for her use of the unexpected; how often do you see calabash pieces and rafia being used to embellish clothing items. I also love Fendi, Miu Miu, I could go on.


What is that item you cannot have enough of?

Hats, shoes and sunglasses.

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360nobs applauds Temi Dollface’s style. Playing the 50’s girl/woman when you are over 50 years past that time is no easy task. She makes it look a little too easy, with an almost unacceptable amount of elegance and so far has never crossed the line by turning herself into a one-man-masquerade ball.

In a world where everyone is jumping on the next trend, and trying a little too hard to fit in. Her style has remained unorthodox in a good way. Her ability to be a fun girl one minute and a sophisticated woman the next, also how she infuses her music into her style are the major reasons why 360nobs Style loves Temi Dollface.

Officially the best dressed celebrity of 2013, we certainly hope she has an even better 2014, and remains “super duper uber” fashionable.



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  1. I’m not much of a fan but her style sense is everything I could relate with. New role model right here. nice work Dunni.

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