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Hey guys, Another lovely Sunday it is already. Let us hop on the fashion-police-train and find out whose outfits we loved and whose we would choose watching the 2013 headies again  over viewing their horrendously blinding outfits.

Welcome to Insta-Style-Review.

Starting off this week is

7)Emma Nyra: First off, this outfit was put together by a stylist,(@vrstyling). I love the shoes and I think the cuts on her collar bone region are properly placed. What I would definitely like to see is a picture of the back of the dress, before I draw any conclusions. Instagram:emmanyraemma nyraaa white

6)Yemi Alade: Sigh, Sigh, Sigh. I desperately hope Yemi Alade does not pay her stylist, she comes out extremely confident with this despicable outfits all the time, and then tags her stylist to say thank you on instagram. Thank you for what? For making her look like a misplaced painting?

It really makes me sad, because she has such a beautiful body. Anyways, Thank you Yemi Alade for having the courage to wear this ugly clothes. Instagram:Yemialadeyemi alade

5)Olakunri Oyinda: You know that oversized tee-shirt that has been sitting in your wardrobe because you do not know what to pair it with. Whip it out fashionistas, all thanks to Oyinda you have a way.

She keeps it simple, fun but still classy with a black blazer, white strapped sandals and her black and white oversize tee. Great hair also. Instagram:Sparkle2730

oyinda olakunri sparkle2730

4)Stephanie Isiofa Chioma: Preppy, fun and sheik. Skater skirts are totally on trend right now, and normally girls would pair it with a sleeveless blouse or a cropped top. I like the fact that Stephanie took the plunge and paired her skater skirt with a long sleeved shirt.

I am also thrilled her weave does not have her looking like a mermaid. P.S:This should be the limit for every normal  girls weave except your outfit is drag queen inspired. Instagram: Stephanieees001

stephanie isiofa chioma

3) Isio Wanogoho: Hellllooooooooooo Mami.

First off, Isio Wanogoho is a gorgeous woman, and this outfit screams laid back, sexy, but still very classy. The shade of red suits her skin tone, and I like how the white bag and sandals,alongside the silver belt turned out with the dress. Great outfit. Instagram: Isiodelavega

isio wanogoho

2)Eku Edewor: The headpiece is completely acceptable because she is on her way to a garden party. The ethereal  headpiece is by Ene Maya.

I could honestly go on and on about this outfit but those metallic shoes have me at a loss of words. Amazing outfit!! Instagram: EkuEdewor

eku edewor ethereal headpiece garden party



1)Andrea Manuela Giaccagalia/Michelle Dede/ Stephanie Coker: The number one look of this week or should I say the top looks of this week are from the Lagos Polo party Genevieve magazine hosted last week Sunday.

Andrea Manuela Giaccagalia, Michelle Dede, Stephanie Coker.
Andrea Manuela Giaccagalia, Michelle Dede, Stephanie Coker.

Polo events are known for color, class, and hats. Unusually most Nigerians stayed true to the code, but of course we have a few offenders:

Andrea Manuela Giaccagalia looks like she was working at the event as a maid and not attending. Her pants are by Wana Sambo.

Michelle Dede: She is wearing a hat, yes, but I have a slight problem with that jumpsuit. Her jumpsuit is by Grey projects.

Stephanie Coker: Hello polo princess, I love love love this outfit, her hat was not my favorite from this event, but compared to the other attendees her complete outfit as amongst the best.

That is all on this week’s edition of Insta-style-Review. Remember to get featured, just add #360NobsStyle to your caption. Stay fashionable!!!



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  1. Eku never does wrong!!!!! She’s one of the ladies I look up to in sense of fashion I love her…uhg emmanyra’s dress sucks abeg it takes a lot to pull off a white dress and this dress deff isn’t working for her

  2. I love love eku edewor,she can totally rock anything and everything,she is one lady that doesn’t do the common,white on white so angelic…she rocks!!!

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