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Hi guys, Insta-Style-Review is a weekly review of the biggest fashion nays and yays on instagram throughout the week-Sunday to Saturday- There would be a new post every Sunday afternoon, so we would have something to keep us busy- because Sundays can be boring- also, to educate us on what looks to avoid and the ones to embrace. This column is not strictly for celebrities, basically anybody who owns an instagram account can be featured, just add #360Nobs to your caption and I will find you.

7)Yemi Alade: This ensemble screams all sort of ratchet. That belt is the dumbest thing since all of Davido’s skelewu frenzy, So unnecessary!

Sweetie, that weave L #Sigh. I rest my case


6)Deola Bamgboye: Deola is a fashion blogger and stylist. Her shoes are by Truffles, Outfit is custom made and her sunglasses are from Zara. Follow her on instagram: @deolabee_


5)Toke Makinwa: Media personality Toke Makinwa, always brings the heat. This is a pretty good look, casual and chic. Instagram: @TokeMakinwa

34)Sexy Steel at the Gold Digging Movie Pemiere: I am all sorts of confused by this outfit. Photocredit:  Instagram @Rukky Sanda 4

3)Omosalewa Akindolire: Fashion designer, Stylist to the stars, Lover of all things fashion and style. I particularly love how casual this look is because she is a designer, and we all know how designers think they are exempted from every fashion code in their everyday wears. Instagram: @misscocodella


2)Jadore: Her skirt is by asos, Top is also Asos, Shoes are by Christian Louboutin, Necklace is Zara, and Sunglasses are Raybans. I definitely adore Stella’s outfit. Instagram: @jadorefashion


1)Rukky Sanda: This outfit is busier than Skales music career. Rukky Sanda, you should give him some of your shine. 😀 . You should also consider hiring a new make-up artist, I honestly do not understand how you show up to the premier of your own movie dressed like this. Then, you went ahead and chose those shoes. Really? Instagram: RukkySanda


That is all for this week on 360nobs Insta-Style-Review. Remember if you see any picture(celebrity or non-celebrity) you think should make the column just hashtag 360nobs. It is a weekly column and it is based on instagram pictures from that week. Basically to promote fashion and style in Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.

Stay fashionable fashionistas.

Style Editor,




Writer. Lover of fashion, food, finance & some more food Twitter &Instagram: Oluwadunnii


  1. Thumbs up Oluwadunni! Some of those ladies outfits might be casual but I suspect the makeup took a tonne of work and an hour or two Lol.
    And Yes that Sexy Steel’s outfit (I think I barely know the guy) is confusing. Looks more like a funkisized native attire (combined with that laced up canvas … yeah! I said it but what do I know about fashionl. Lol. But hey! He is in the field where people are allowed to take all sorts of liberties when expressing themselves artistically 🙂

  2. this is really ripping bandage, no anesthetic. 4 the one that dressed like…… u know, my favorite look here is omosalewa. simple and killing then jadore, love the shoes and ofcos Toke.

  3. Thumbs up Oladunni!
    The attires maybe casual but I suspect the makeup must have taken an hour or two. Lol.
    That combo on Sexy Steel …. Llooks like almost like combining native with laced up shoes. But hey I guess such liberties are allowed under artistic self expression. 🙂

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