360Fashion: Abby Fontaine Unveils The FON Collection [PHOTOS]

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Abby Fontaine is proud to unveil its new line of FON skirts.

fon1 fon2 fon3

“Quick to slip on skirts” are en vogue in the world of fashion because of its convenience. This collection was born out of the designer’s love for casual clothing. It fills the gap in the market for the all-purpose skirt which blends with everything you throw on it. From the chic look to the party girl, and lots more.

fon4 fon5

The FON collection is versatile and can be paired with accessories that will make you stand out due to the wide array of colors and they are also very affordable. The FON skirts are here to STAY!

fon6 fon7

The creative mind behind the Abby Fontaine brand is Omosalewa Akindolire a.k.a Miss Cocodella. A designer and a fashion stylist since 2009. Her clientele list includes MTV Base, Mango, Enzzo, SOS, Exprezioni, Coco la diva and more.

fon8 fon9

 Abby Fontaine is accessible via twitter: @abbyfontaine and instagram: misscocodella, so join the FON (FUN) wagon like numerous satisfied customers and rock a FON skirt today! Watch out for more collections. Have Fon!!!

 fon10 fon11



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