You’re Invited to Biggest Bonanza of the Season! Glo Launches Text 4 Millions Promotion: Sunday December 1st – Sunday, February 23rd

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Glo has launched a new promotion, Text 4 Millions, which started on Sunday, December 1st, and lasts until Sunday, February 23rd.

Text 4 Millions gives subscribers the opportunity to win 50,000, N5 million and N15 million! Ten lucky winners get N50,000 daily, one subscriber gets N5 million weekly, and the grand prize at the end of the promo is N15 million!

To participate in the promo, subscribers should simply text ‘WIN’ to 555, and the more texts are sent, the more chances they have of winning. Texts sent to the code stack up as points with which subscribers can win the weekly draw for N5 million, and also enter the final draw for the grand prize.

Date: Sunday, December 1st – Sunday, February 23rd

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