UAE’s Next Top Camel: Camel Beauty Pageant Holds In UAE [PHOTOS]

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The prestigious Al Dhafra festival, where a camel beauty pageant is held, takes place every year in the Western Region of the United Arab Emirates.

The festival is in its seventh year and seeks to celebrate and promote Bedouin culture.

The highlight is the camel beauty pageant which sees thousands of contestants strut their stuff in two competitions: one for the light-coloured Asayel breed and another for the dark-skinned Majahim.

They’re judged on a range of criteria from the size of the head, length of its neck and the shape of the hump. And big is most definitely considered beautiful.

But looks aren’t everything and points are also awarded for model behaviour with the very best camels sold for up to £2m.

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Photo credit: National Geographic.



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