TREND ALERT: How to wear the Sporty SWEAT Tops

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We may not experience so much of winter in this part of the world but we have harmattan and  cold offices – LOL.  With that said, it means we can rock one of the hottest’s trends right now, The Sweat Top or the Jumper as some may call them.

Gone are the days when Sweat Tops were reserved for gym purposes or for men only (as it seems we have taken over male fashion) – or jumpers reserved for only when its necessary. With the variations of  styles out there – cropped, leather, lace, classic, oversized, prints, characters, there is a wide range to choose from.

Bringing the look home, Bridget Awosika sent girls down her runway in October at the GTBLagos Fashion and Design Week  2013 wearing the sweat top with skater skirts and strapped heels – Casual and Sexy. The sweat top can be worn with anything, well, maybe not everything, just find a way to create your look. 🙂

Here are some pictures to inspire you. Enjoy.
Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_11_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_03_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_02_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_04_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_10_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_09_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_08_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_07_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_06_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_05_360nobs Trend Alert 2013_Sweat Top_01_360nobs



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