Things you should never say to a Fat girl

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-YOU ARE NOT THAT FAT: er…no don’t do this. A fat person knows she is fat and if she feels comfortable that way, don’t try making her feel “good” by telling her she is not fat or “not that fat”.

-AND YOU HAVE A PRETTY FACE O: yes she des and guess what? She knows it, what she also knows is that your statement, is you trying to make her feel good about something other than her body. Now the question is, who says she does not feel good already.

-HAVE YOU TRIED DIETING OR *INSERT NAME OF EXERCISE HERE* BEFORE: Except this discussion is about this person asking you for the things they can do to lose weight, don’t ever say this.

-YOU WOULD LOOK BETTER IF YOU WERE HEALTHIER: Okay, to start with not all fat people are unhealthy. And if you really have to say something insensitive, just make sure it is not this, or try this old saying that says, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

-I HAVE GAINED EXTRA POUNDS: okay so you added 2kg to your 53kg big deal? Never lament to someone plus sized that you have gained extra weight, I mean how exactly do you expect them to feel?



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