The Ten Commandments Of An Artiste by @itsUche_FlyGanG

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I have been in this Music industry for 8 years now (though underground), and I’ve written and worked with so many arts in the industry, and in the cause of my passion for music and pursuit for a better naija music industry, I’ve come to realize that as an upcoming artist who has a dream to be a professional in the game, there are DO’s & DONT’s guiding it, which I call the TEN COMMANDMENTS OF AN ARTISTE. Check them out below:

1) RECOGNIZE YOUR TALENT: The numero uno of the game is recognizing your talent. You must know your capabilities and believe in them. without this,you have no business in music.

2) WORK ON YOUR TALENT: Once you recognize your talent, the next thing is to work on it. It is one thing to know you’re talented and can sing,but it is something else to actually work on your talent and this could be what determines if an act will succeed or not.

3) WORK ON YOUR PERSONALITY: No matter what kind of music you play,as long as you are in the game to make out a living,you need to have what is called “BUSINESS APPEAL”. [Go check out successful musicians].

4) DON’T JOIN THE BANDWAGON: One of the problems plaguing the industry today is that there are so many artistes but not so much talent. Once an artiste does something new and succeeds, everybody wants to follow that style and that’s the reason why we have so much noise on the airwaves right now.

5) YOU MUST BE FOCUSED: When you have identified your talent, worked on it,acquired business appeal and you begin to grow,you need to work on being focused. Fame is such a delicate thing and one could be easily derailed if care is not taken.

6) RESPECT GOD & PEOPLE: This seems to be one of the greatest secrets working for 2baba. If there’s one thing working for 2face,its his humility. And industry watchers believe it is very central to his success story.

7) BE PROFESSIONAL: As early as possible in your career,you need to begin to think like a professional by aligning yourself with the right people.

8) BEWARE OF WOMEN, DRUGS & WINE: Three factors that have cut short a number of great careers are addiction to women, drugs and wine. BEWARE OF IT!!

9) LISTEN & BEWARE OF SYCOPHANTS: No matter how big you are, the need to listen cannot be overemphasized. As you grow,people will find it increasingly difficult to deal with your success and so,they become sycophants and start telling you what you want to hear and not what is necessarily the truth. The best thing to do is to surround yourself with tested and trusted people who got your back and will always tell you the truth regardless of your fame.

10) AIM AT THE TOP: Don’t be like one of those arts who only want to make it in the music industry for fun. Be like those who want to make it and be at the top. Cos those who went there will definitely come down when the fun is over. But those who went there to stay will be on top and even higher. [Note]: hard work and consistency is required.

Written by: Uche tha Jewkid of FlyGanG. [a musical group made up of Uche tha Jewkid & Joe Ace]
Twitter: @itsUche_FlyGanG
Facebook: Uche tha Jewkid



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