The most awful guys everyone dates in their life

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Every girl knows at least one of these types of guys.

The “you should be grateful I chose you” type of guy- I have dated one like this before, he wasn’t exactly going out of his way to show this, neither did he hint it in his conversations, but boy did he act it?

He was the finest boy in my department while I was in my year one and most of the girls there were swooning over him, he was two years ahead of me and had been single for a while before I came in. It was all sweet at the beginning until he suddenly started making me feel like I should be grateful I had him. Immediately he graduated, I broke up with him. I didn’t need that type of insecurity inducing fellow in my future.

The “I’m an asshole I know it yet I keep being an asshole” type of douche, sorry guy- I have had friends date this type, guys who would hurt you to your very face and know that it hurts you to your very bone and still keep at it. I know almost everyone has had this type.

The “Commitment phobic” guy- he does not want to commit, yet he never tells you this. He keeps telling lies after lies to keep you there with him. good thing is that you are better off without him and you know this.

The “I am utterly clueless about life/I don’t know where I am going exactly” guy- he wants to be a great astronaut,  one that would be the first Nigerian to operate social media from there, he wants to build a station that would put CNN in the backseat(or the trunk). He wants to be the best in something nobody else has ever done, yet he never chases these dreams and never even bothers to start off with it.

When you ask this type of guy where he sees himself in five years, he gives you a funny and disjointed response, with lots of “ers” and “I don’t know”

The lousy guy- thankfully I have never dated a lousy guy in my life but I have been “toasted” by a few, ugh! You wanna stick a pair of socks in their mouth forever!



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