The MMR2013 Pre-Party: So Many Hot Models And Fab People Under One Roof!!! Wizkid, Angela Simmons, Toni Tones, Naeto C and more.

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The 2013 edition of Music Meets Runway was tagged Icons Edition, and the pre-party event showed it was going to be a truly iconic event. There were too many fabulous people at the event.

Angela Simmons was there looking as awesome as ever, Wizkid, Naeto C, Toni Tones, Tarmar Awobotu, Tiwa Works and many more iconic people were there to party.

Jennifer Olize, who is the creator of Music Meets Runway was there too and it is obvious she did a very awesome job again this year.

we have all the photos from the events right here for you…enjoy!

MMR2013_PreParty_Event1 MMR2013_PreParty_Event2 MMR2013_PreParty_Event3 MMR2013_PreParty_Event4 MMR2013_PreParty_Event5 MMR2013_PreParty_Event6 MMR2013_PreParty_Event7 MMR2013_PreParty_Event8 MMR2013_PreParty_Event9 MMR2013_PreParty_Event10 MMR2013_PreParty_Event11 MMR2013_PreParty_Event12 MMR2013_PreParty_Event13 MMR2013_PreParty_Event14 MMR2013_PreParty_Event15 MMR2013_PreParty_Event16 MMR2013_PreParty_Event17 MMR2013_PreParty_Event18 MMR2013_PreParty_Event19 MMR2013_PreParty_Event20 MMR2013_PreParty_Event21 MMR2013_PreParty_Event22 MMR2013_PreParty_Event23 MMR2013_PreParty_Event24 MMR2013_PreParty_Event25 MMR2013_PreParty_Event26 MMR2013_PreParty_Event27 MMR2013_PreParty_Event28 MMR2013_PreParty_Event29 MMR2013_PreParty_Event30 MMR2013_PreParty_Event31 MMR2013_PreParty_Event32 MMR2013_PreParty_Event33 MMR2013_PreParty_Event34 MMR2013_PreParty_Event35 MMR2013_PreParty_Event36 MMR2013_PreParty_Event37 MMR2013_PreParty_Event38 MMR2013_PreParty_Event39 MMR2013_PreParty_Event40 MMR2013_PreParty_Event41 MMR2013_PreParty_Event42 MMR2013_PreParty_Event43 MMR2013_PreParty_Event44 MMR2013_PreParty_Event45 MMR2013_PreParty_Event46 MMR2013_PreParty_Event47 MMR2013_PreParty_Event48 MMR2013_PreParty_Event49 MMR2013_PreParty_Event50 MMR2013_PreParty_Event51 MMR2013_PreParty_Event52 MMR2013_PreParty_Event53 MMR2013_PreParty_Event54 MMR2013_PreParty_Event55 MMR2013_PreParty_Event56 MMR2013_PreParty_Event57 MMR2013_PreParty_Event58 MMR2013_PreParty_Event59 MMR2013_PreParty_Event60 MMR2013_PreParty_Event61 MMR2013_PreParty_Event62 MMR2013_PreParty_Event63 MMR2013_PreParty_Event64 MMR2013_PreParty_Event65 MMR2013_PreParty_Event66 MMR2013_PreParty_Event67 MMR2013_PreParty_Event68 MMR2013_PreParty_Event69 MMR2013_PreParty_Event70 MMR2013_PreParty_Event71 MMR2013_PreParty_Event72 MMR2013_PreParty_Event73



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