The Ministry Is Moving! Chris Okotie Acquires 2014 Rolls Royce Model + ‘Costliest SUV’

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Chris Okotie, the Pastor of the Household of God Church International, recently bought a Rolls Royce Coupe, the 2014 Bespoke Edition, to mark his 30 years as born-again Christian and 27 years as a pastor. According Okotie’s close aide, the pastor spent N120m on the luxury car and had earlier spent N33m on a Range Rover Autobiography to mark a milestone of his church.

The source, in a text message, said, “Pastor [Chris] Okotie just bought a Rolls Royce Coupe, 2014 Bespoke Edition at N120m to mark his 30 years as a born-again Christian and 27 years as a pastor. He had earlier bought a Range Rover (Autobiography) 2014 Model for N33m, reputed to be the costliest SUV in the world to mark this ministry’s milestone.”

Checks on the Internet showed that the cheapest price of same Rolls Royce model is about N65m, but it could be more expensive if armoured.

Fifty-five-year-old Chris Okotie was in the news recently for the controversial comments he made during a church service in which he claimed that “all Catholics will go to hell,” and referred to Pope Francis as anti-Christ.



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  1. Using your members hard earned offering money on such stupid luxuries is a total waste. I blame the fools that still attend his church.He is Celebrating christ and yet behaving devil like,will christ buy a rolls royce and a range rover authobiography with church funds?

  2. The money with which he bought the vehicle is not church money. Many pastors have businesses which they established with the financial gifts from people. For example, Okotie writes books and probably conducts training session for organizations. It is true that Jesus did not live a luxurious life but that does not mean it is evil to live luxuriously. Do you know that Jesus did not even rent or build an apartment? He stayed inside the houses that people gave him. But that does not imply that we must not rent or build our own houses. Also, Jesus did not marry. That does not imply that we should not marry. Jesus did not live long, died at age 32 or 33. That does not imply that we must not live long. Okotie buys cars worth 120million because he has given out far more than that to charity. People don’t say anything when they hear about his giving, but then they are critical when he spends some of that money for himself. I pray that God will cause us all to be rich enough to give and to spend.

  3. ‘many pastors have businesses which they established with the financial gifts from people.’ i still stand by what i said earlier.i’m one hundred percent sure that 7 out of every 10 persons that gives him financial gifts is a rich church member who after hearing a sermon about how the rich wont make it to heaven will go and make a hefty withdrawal and hand over same money to the pastor. That in my sight is still church money. The church he pastors is obviously an elitist church as it has run out of charity work to do and has started buying riduculously expensive cars as ‘celebration to the alter’…what an irony.

  4. Let’s not be judgemental in our comments bearing in mind that its a “man of God” we are refering to. God doesn’t take it lightly with those that talk down about his instruments.please. God knows all, sees all and will reward all for all our deeds while on earth,also,the earth is the Lords…let your words be guided accordingly.

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