The Diggerz …Episode 11 by @Tomilola_coco

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Thanks for the birthday messages guys. Here’s my birthday present to you all. I love you very much. Thanks for reading this my story. Mwah!


Jaiye darted out of the study and followed her, the anger he had felt at her for leaking his family secret had vanished the moment he saw her at the entrance of his father’s study.

She had reached the gate before he caught up with her, he yanked her and pulled her close to him in an instant, the anger had disappeared, it was now replaced by his racy heart and an emotion he couldn’t place yet.

Nene stared at him, she was angry at him for a reason she did not think made any sense, the man was not hers and he had never even shown any sign of affection towards her, why she felt so angry at him for making out with another woman was beyond her.

When she had stormed out of the study, she had walked into the sitting room and informed a reluctant Godwin it was time to go home. He had been enjoying  the wine he had gotten from the maid and was striking a conversation with an older woman when she called him and it took a lot of pleading to get him away from her.

Now because he had taken his time to follow her, Jaiye had caught up with them

He wasn’t speaking and neither was she, they just stood there, each angry at the other, too angry for words.

Jaiye was not sure why he did why he did next, he did not know if it was because he had been thinking of doing it for a long time or because he had been thinking of her for days or because he knew it was going to make him feel better. With one hand, he pulled her closer, covering the tiny distance between them and holding her while he devoured her mouth hungrily.

He had thirsted for this kiss for so long that he ravaged her like a starved person, he took control of her and she gave back, kissing him with the vigour with which he did her.

He realized she wanted the kiss as much as he did, she wanted him as much as he did. What he also realized was that the kiss was not like the first they shared, that one was something they had done on impulse while they were drunk, this one was something that they both wanted, something that as much as it satisfied an hunger, it opened doors for more hunger.

He ended the kiss and stared at her, he could see the disappointment her eyes bore at the sudden end he brought to their passionate moment and he smiled. He pulled her with him, disregarding Godwin who stood and watched the ongoing drama.

Then he pulled her back into the house, Nene asked no questions, she did not want to know where they were headed, she just wanted him to lead and she wanted to follow.

“Ah jaiye, I have been looking for you” A man in his late sixties said to Jaiye as he stepped into the sitting room. “My condolences” he added and patted Jaiye on the back gently.

“thank you sir, please give me a second. There is something of utmost importance I have to attend to.” And then without waiting for a response, he pulled Nene along with him into his father’s study, shut the door behind them and bolted it.

He gently placed her on the table Oluchi had been sitting on just moments before, then he said to her in a voice filled with passion, “I’m going to make love to you now, please don’t hold back”

Nene nodded, like a little girl who was willing to do anything for her favourite candy, no man had ever looked at her that way, like not making love to her would kill him and none had ever begged her not to hold back.

She parted her legs and once he was between her thighs, she crossed them, holding him tight, then she replied, “I won’t”.

Jaiye nodded, smiled at her and her heart skipped a beat, then he kissed her as passionately as before.


“omo na jaiyejaiye life be dis one o” Godwin said with so much excitement as they rode in the backseat of Jaiye’s Camry back to her apartment. She smiled, she had not been able to get rid of that smile since the lovemaking session was over.

She had loved every bit of it and her soft lips reminded her of the very special moment she just had with Jaiye Fowler, his words came back to her now as she relived the moment in that study again.

“Do you know for how long I have wanted to do that?” he had asked once they were done and he was helping her get dressed. Her response had been a smile and then he said, “for a very long time. I don’t know what you are doing to me but it is a very strange feeling for me, something I have never felt with anyone.” Then he added, “Until I find out what this is about, I am not letting you go. Not even for the fact that you somehow caused my mother’s death”

That had made her slightly guilty and that was when she told him about the pen and handed it over to him, “It was not me Jaiye” then she had further explained to him what Tolu did to get it and how she had gotten the pen from her.

“what do you intend to do with the pen?” he had wanted to know and she had told him she honestly didn’t know and that was when he invited her on the trip to Dubai with him.

“come with me to Dubai, Nene. I want you to. Please”

She didn’t say no, her response was an enthusiastic Yes, she wanted to be with him, what was more, he wanted her to be with him.

“Nene, if you no marry dis guy you be correct mumu o” her elder brother was saying now, she shot him a disapproving look, Jaiye’s driver was taking them home and bringing her back to him after and she did not want her brother saying the wrongest things when he could hear them well.

“na you sabi, no smart like Mercy. Dey dere dey form good girl. No be say you kuku good” he said and scoffed. Nene did not care about the things he said, as long as he didn’t say it loud enough for the driver to think that she was trying to use his boss as a meal ticket.

“dat woman wey I dey follow talk dat time?” he said to his sister, referring to the older woman she saw him with earlier.

Nene nodded in response.

“Im talk say she sabi me for somewhere, I tell am say she no fit o, say I be unemployed grad and skilled carpenter wey dey live for one small town. Na im she come say make I see am for office tomorrow, say she get contract for me. e be like say I don hammer too. Dis na d year for our family o, first Mercy, you and then me” he said, smiling.

Nene smiled. At least he was finally getting a life. She liked that.


She knew the Fowlers had money, at this point it was a known fact. But hearing and seeing was one thing, experiencing was another.

She was aboard a private jet with Jaiye Fowler as they flew to Dubai together, when she had returned to his family house, he had handed her a shopping bag that contained six dresses. He told her he had shopped for them online by himself and had them delivered immediately.

Nene was in one of those dresses now as they flew to Dubai, the first oversea trip she was taking and the first time she was being treated to such royalty.

On her legs were a pair of gold sandals that he had bought with the dresses, she did not know why he paid so much money and attention to her physical appearance and she did not care. She was with him and it was all that really mattered to her.

He had said nobody made him feel what she made him feel, little did he know it was the same for her. She had never felt so attracted to someone, she had never felt so much chemistry and she had never wanted so badly to be with someone.

“what are you going to do with the pen?” he asked her and she realized she had not given that much thought. “where is it?” he demanded and she pulled it out from her handbag. He collected it from her and put it in his pocket, when they landed in Dubai, he broke it and threw it away.

“I am sorry about your mother” she said to him and he just nodded. She put her hand in his and looked at his face, she could see the pain before it disappeared. “I don’t know how you are feeling because I lost my father at an early age and I really don’t know what it feels like to lose a parent, but I am very sorry and I want you to talk to me if you need anybody to talk to”

He smiled at her and raised her chin with a finger, “I won’t be talking much though, I have a lot of actions instead” then he kissed her, and just like before, it made her weak and made her want the whole of him.

The man did so many things to her and she couldn’t even explain any of those things.

He slipped a hand under her dress and she giggled, “we aren’t alone Mr Fowler” she said, eyeing the driver in the front seat.

“I paid him to drive not to look at me and my girlfriend” he said and again, started to kiss her. Nene drew away from him.

“your girlfriend? Since when?” she asked.

“Since when you got on a private jet with me and flew all the way to Dubai with me. There is something about you Nene and if it makes me feel this way, I am very much interested in keeping you around to find out why” he replied.


“Just say, Okay boyfriend.” he said and she laughed, she was going to be happy with this one, she just knew that.


They had made love two more times in the massive suite in the Fowler hotel when she started to replay the events of the day, he had called her his girlfriend. As much as it sounded good to the ears that she was a wealthy man’s girlfriend, she wanted to be sure if he wasn’t taking impulsive decisions because of his present emotional state.

He had just lost his mother and he was looking for something to distract him, something to make him feel better. Was he using her for that? Was he trying to put a name on sleeping with her whenever he wanted just to feel better?

She did not know what to think and in all honesty, she hoped what she was thinking was wrong.

She walked to the window, she was clad in a purpled bathrobe and she was barefoot, her feet dug into the soft Persian rug as she stood in the magnificent room overlooking the sea.

Just like the last Fowler hotel she had been to with him, this one was exquisite, the suite they were in was breathtaking, the tap was gold plated and so was the shower and the flusher.

It was a massive room, a chandelier hung from the ceiling and a huge bed sat in the middle of the spacious room, on the wall was a flat screen and near it were pictures of Jide snr and Adele Fowler.

Nene was living the dream of most girls and she should be loving it, but she was scared, very scared. It was so good she was scared it might not be real.

Jaiye walked up to her and held her from the back, he kissed her neck and she went weak in the knees, the response her whole body gave to the man was just ridiculous, it was like he owned her.

“what are you thinking about?” he asked her.

“The Fowler millionaire who asked me to be his girlfriend and his impulsive request.” She turned to face him, “Jaiye, I know we are having sex and you might need it now because of what you are going through but you don’t have to put a name to it. I could be…we could be whatever you want and…just don’t call me your girlfriend when you don’t mean it” she said to him, her eyes pleading with him to mean whatever he said to her. She did not want a heartbreak and she knew with the way she was going, her heart was going to be shattered if Jaiye walked away.

“You don’t think someone like me can like you?” he asked, incredulous.


“Nene, I like you! You have found a way into my head and since you have refused to leave, I am not letting you leave. Let us take this a step at a time and see where it leads us.” He said to her and she nodded, anything he said was fine by her, she was halfway in love already.

He looked into her eyes now, “Please just relax and enjoy this, okay? You are right I am grieving but I am here with you because I don’t want to be sad. Just open up and enjoy it, okay?”

She nodded. And again, he kissed her deeply and made love to her.


They spent a whole week in Dubai before they returned to Nigeria, she had lived life in a different way, attended a meeting with him, surrendered herself to him while he made love to her in his car, the room, the bathroom and on the fridge.

She had learnt more about him and his large family; laughed with him helped him through many moments where he felt sad about his mother’s demise and played games with him.

He had listened to her tell him stories about her childhood, he had learnt about Godwin’s crazy but amazing personality, about her mother’s feisty personality and about Mercy’s doggedness. He had learnt about Samson and every other Francis sibling, he had also learnt about the loss of her job and asked her to come work in Avant Garde Magazine.

He had laughed at her joke and tickled her till she laughed when he told a dry joke.

They had fun together and he wanted that again and again.

He resumed work the following week to the news of his PA’s death, it had come as a blow to him, especially when he heard the cause of the death; she had undergone an abortion and it was for his friend and colleague, Mazi.

He did not know what to say, but because Mazi had sworn the girl meant a lot to him and since he, Jaiye was the girl’s boss, he had attended the funeral with Nene by his side and prayed it would be his last funeral in a long time.

He had returned with Nene to his apartment and after they had made love, they had laughed about an article on both of them. The press had sighted them together and they were talking about how he had accepted the responsibility of his baby.

“I could tell them its not your baby Jaiye” she said to him later when she was cooking them dinner, which was boiled yam and egg sauce.

“I don’t think we owe them that really. Besides I am grateful this has given them something else to talk apart, something different from Jare and his lover” he replied, he had not seen his brother in a while and he wasn’t bothered at the moment. He just needed to live again without worrying about Jare and Antonio.

Nene nodded and when she was done cooking, she served them dinner. She was clad in his T-shirt and that was what she wore to the door when the doorbell rang minutes later, Jaiye had offered to do the dishes they used for dinner and she had gone to answer the door.

Oluchi walked in and eyed her with disdain, Nene noticed she couldn’t hide it and she did not care. She did not expect Oluchi to like her, she did not expect anybody in Jaiye’s world to because she knew they would see her as an intruder.

“Jaiye, what are you doing?” Oluchi said to Jaiye as soon as she was directed to where he was, Nene was still closing the door in the sitting room. “you are sleeping with the girl who indirectly killed your mother and spilled your family secret? This is wrong! What would the others think?” she asked.

“I like sleeping with her Oluchi and I don’t care what the others think.” He replied. He liked more than sleeping with her and he did not care what everyone thought, he was crazy about the girl and he wanted her close, case closed.

“Jaiye, this is not right…”

“Oluchi, why are you here?” he interrupted and she shot him a disbelieving look.

Nene watched her pour herself a glass of wine and watched her sit on a stool in the kitchen, she was discussing something about Jo and the fact that she was taking their mother’s demise really hard and had been taking irrational decisions.

Nene decided to leave them be, she told Jaiye that and he kissed her on the forehead, promising to join her in the bedroom.

“I hope you know what you are doing Jaiye” Oluchi said as soon as Nene was gone.

“I do Oluchi, trust me” He said.

“I hope so. So I dug up dirt on her and her sister, seems like little Mercy is coming back from her trip to sell coke in the states next week. We can have her arrested and have this girl clean up the mess she created while we…”

“Blackmail her?” Jaiye finished the sentence and Oluchi nodded. “No Oluchi, I told you I am done with that”

Oluchi shrugged. “If you say so. Is that dinner still remaining? I’m starving” she replied.

“No, but you can find something in the fridge”

She fixed herself dinner and they talked like the good old friends they were while she ate dinner.


Nene had resumed her first day at Avant garde with her boyfriend buying her a “new job gift”, it was a charm bracelet. She smiled as she stepped out of the elevator into the office, she never knew people collected new job gifts, but again she never knew a lot of things until Jaiye showed them to her.

He had insisted on her sleeping at his and having his driver drop her but she had declined, she had slept at his enough and was not ready to compromise the little she had left of her dignity, plus she wanted to avoid her mother’s questions every morning.

She had resumed at the office all by herself and had marveled at her new office, she got her own office in a space bigger and hundred times better than her former place, this was the life.

She had been neck deep in work when her phone rang at noon.

“Sister Nene”

She recognized Mercy’s voice instantly.

“Mercy!” she replied and wanted to angrily voice her opinions about her silly decision when Mercy spoke next.

“Sister Nene I am in trouble, please come!” Mercy’s voice was breaking and she sounded scared. Nene got the address of where she was and hurriedly left the office.


The things she learnt that afternoon were too much for her to handle, from seeing Mercy looking disheveled and pitiful to going to find Chief Koko as Mercy has urged her and to learning the most devastating news.

Mercy had been beaten and she was in pains when she saw her, the anger in her had vanished when she discovered her and it had been replaces with fear, she hoped her little sister would be alright.

When Mercy had given her Chief Koko’s address, she had rushed there, didn’t bother to ask how Mercy and the man get to meet and asked him what could be done.

Chief Koko had told her he was trying his best but that his sources told him that “people of power” were behind Mercy’s capture.

Nene had not understood him until he told her someone from the Fowler’s camp had somehow found out about Mercy and had told the NDLEA.

“I only know this because I sniffed Angel, these people would normally not divulge their source. But because I wanted to know where the smoke was coming from so as to be careful next time and you know silence it, I used my connection and got the gist. Na real wahala be dis o Angel because it looks personal. Mercy might be in there for a long time”

And Nene had gone to Jaiye’s to wait for him. she had relieved herself of her shoes, poured herself a glass of wine and was drinking her fourth glass when he walked in.

Jaiye knew something was wrong immediately he stepped in, he had given Nene a spare key to his apartment and he was not surprised she was sitting on his couch but the look on her face told him a million words.

“I told you to tell me what it was you wanted Jaiye, but you insisted you like me” She began to say as she saw him, she stood up, poured herself another glass and inched closer. “You knew what you were doing yeah? You calculated everything, made me tell you about my family so you could hurt me?”

“Nene what is this about?”

“And you even have the nerve to pretend like you don’t know?” she spat

“that is because I don’t know”

She threw the drink in his face. “I hate you Jaiye Fowler! But I hate myself more for opening up to you. I even fell in love with you! What did I ever do to you Jaiye? What?” she asked, she couldn’t help the tears that has started to gather in her eyes. She was hurt to the bone.

“Nene, please be calm and tell me what is going on” He said calmly, his hands on her shoulders. He didn’t even act like she just threw wine in his face, he just wanted to know what was going on. “Please” he pleaded.

“One thing I cannot stand is to be used another thing I can’t stand? You taking me for a fool. After getting my sister locked up you act like you don’t know a thing? You disgust me!” she grabbed her shoes and her bag. “consider this over, that is if it meant anything to you before” She said and stormed out of the house. Jaiye called her but she paid him no attention, she ran out of the compound.

He was confused but he decided to make a call, “Oluchi, what do you know about Mercy, Nene’s sister being locked up?”

“nothing. You told me to let it go” Oluchi responded, she did not know what Jaiye was talking about.

“then why did Nene just accuse me of locking her sister up?” he asked, he was really confused and he hated it. He wanted to know what was going on.

“Believe me Jaiye, I really don’t know”

He didn’t believe her,  but when he had gone to her house that night and asked her the same question and then watched her give the same response as before, he knew she was being truthful.

“Then who did this?” He asked, hating himself for not being able to know.

“I have no idea”. Oluchi said.

Jaiye sunk into a chair and sighed.




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  1. This is rili beautiful. D longer d better! I love it all. I stil don’t blv oluchi isn’t involved or mayb its tolu ooo. Hmmm I can’t wait for d nxt episode. Of all d writers so farrr u are d BEST! Consistent and on point. Wa gba yi muah!!

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