The Diggerz …Episode 10 by @Tomilola_coco

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Hi guys, I’ll be posting two episodes of the Diggerz this week because it is my birthday and its my gift from me to you. Second one comes up on Friday. Enjoy.

He didn’t move. He just sat there, elbows propped up while he stared at nothing in particular. He could hear everything everyone around him was saying, but he just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to contribute to their discussion.

Oluchi was angry, she was raving and ranting and cussing. Jire and Jide Jnr were discussing the next line of action, Joan was there fiddling with her phone and the family lawyer was busy making phone calls.

He, he just sat down there staring at nothing in particular and thinking about her.

She had betrayed him. He knew he barely knew her, he knew they met just a short while back—too short for him to really know her, he knew he didn’t know her enough to expect her to trust him but still he felt hurt, more hurt than he had felt in a very long time. And more hurt than he had expected to feel.

He wanted to go to her house and find out why she had betrayed him, why she had told him yet another lie. But he decided against it. Nene had not even been brave enough to break the news to the world herself, she had used her colleague. So he would also not face her, he wouldn’t look for her and wouldn’t talk to her.

Maybe it was time they stayed in their respective worlds; where they both truly belonged.


Nene stared at the three visitors outside her door, she was still too shocked to move and not until her niece startled her with her cries, did she stand aside for them to come in.

Godwin looked around the small room that housed his little sister and nodded in satisfaction, their youngest sister; Mercy had called them before going to the states and informed them of where she was headed.

Nene’s mother had insisted they came to Lagos to see Nene and so Godwin, his mother and Nene’s younger brother, Samson, had travelled all the way down to Lagos without informing Nene. They did not even have to call for the address, Mercy had sent them that too.

“wetin all of una dey do for here?” Nene asked, she was surprised to find her mother and brothers at the door, but she realized she wasn’t as surprised as she would normally be. Her mind was occupied with Jaiye and his reaction to the news that broke the night before and she had little or no emotion left to feel anything more.

“Mercy talk say she dey go America”

That shocked her more than discovering them at the doorstep and so she looked at Godwin, puzzled. “She told you she was travelling? She must have told you what she went there to do and who she went with then?”

Godwin shook his head, “mba” then he opened the fridge and poked his head inside, he grabbed a loaf of bread and butter and helped himself to it. Nene wasn’t sure how long the bread had stayed in the fridge but she knew even if she told him that, he wouldn’t be bothered. Godwin was rugged and the most lackadaisical sibling of the Francis family, he usually threw caution to the wind and his way of life drove their mother crazy more than half of the time.

At thirty three, he was two years older than Jaiye Fowler and seven years Nene’s senior, he had mastered the skill of carpentry and could make the best furniture but he just wouldn’t take it seriously, wouldn’t settle down with his long term girlfriend and wouldn’t dust his CV and get a job. He was a graduate of a polytechnic, yet he acted like he had never been to school.

One thing Nene marveled at however, was how strongly and firmly he stood by his family and fought for them.

“I just got a call from here, telling me she was going to America. When did she even get to Lagos that she would be entering plane and going to a country where she knows nobody?”

Nene’s mother was already warming up to her grandmother and she seemed uninterested in the line of discussion.

“That Umoru guy na bastard, na because he dey beat am she run comot come stay Lagos and come join bad gang, but e good say she use her bad gang well” Godwin said with a mouthful, Nene couldn’t believe her elder brother. He was supporting Mercy’s behavior?

“Brother Godwin, you dey support wetin she do?”

Godwin nodded, pulled out a bottle of water from the fridge and took a long gulp, “forget o, she don hammer be dat. You siddon for dere. All these days wey you dey Lagos, travel you no travel, husband you no get, pikin you no born, aristo you no follow. Mercy na sharp girl”

Nene couldn’t believe her elder brother, she gaped at him in surprise, it was as if his senses had taken leave of him.

“Samson, you sef support am?”

Samson raised his hands up as if to declare his neutral side, “me I no support anybody o” he replied.

Nene shook her head and went to sit. She honestly shouldn’t expect more from Godwin, he was just being himself. “So why all of una come here now? Dem tell you say I sabi road to America?” she asked them.

“no. we just come greet you and mama come carry the baby. Mercy tell am say you go vex and your job no go give you time, she come suggest make mama come carry am” Godwin replied.

Nene wasn’t sure she could take it all in. So Mercy knew she had overdone it but instead of talking to her, she had gone to talk to their family instead, she became angrier, angry at Mercy for taking her for granted.

Then he realized it was not only Mercy she was angry at, she was angry at Tolu, for going to the world with the news. Nene wondered how she found out, could it have been on her own or was it…?

It suddenly came to her, when Jaiye had visited yesterday, he had asked if she would tell the world his brother was gay, had Tolu snuck around and heard?

Was that where she heard and told the whole world?

There was only one way to find out, and it had to do with her asking her. But she knew better than to go all the way to find her and ask her nicely, Tolu wouldn’t budge, she knew that much.

She needed to get it out by force, she needed someone to help her get it out by force…

“una no get season movie for here?”

A smile slowly crept in on her face, she needed Godwin.


It had not been easy getting Tolu’s house, the address she had been given by a colleague at work had been hazy and if she had not been to Surulere several times in the past, she would have been missing by now.

Thankfully, she had finally gotten where the house was and she stood there now, knocking on the door, her and her elder brother, Godwin.

When they were much younger, Godwin had been the one who scared people away from the Francis, you simply couldn’t mess with a Francis brother or sister because Godwin would make you pay, even the biggest bully in school ran away from him when he saw him coming. Godwin was the real deal, so many teeth had been lost to his fist and many people had taken lots of trips to the school sick bay because of him.

Tolu had always been a bitch to her and Nene had the strong feeling that she was responsible for the news that broke and ultimately, her dismissal from work.

She would have invited Tolu to lunch and even bought drinks while she asked her nicely how she got the news, but she knew better, Tolu never played clean. Playing dirty was her style and Nene was ready to do it her own way, so she had given Godwin a quick summary on what happened to her and how she needed him, he had been so quick to oblige. He had been hundred percent ready to deal with the person who had the guts to “fuck his sister up”.

Nene had a very nice plan and now as Tolu opened her door, a smile formed on her face as she made to speak but that was not to happen yet as Godwin shoved Tolu out of the way. Then he opened the door for her to get in and shut the door behind them.


“I don’t understand how this would work Oluchi. The news has already gone public, the whole world knows what we worked so hard to keep a secret, let Jare get out of the country forever with his companion and let us now finally move on with our individual lives!” Jaiye realized he was very angry, angrier than he thought and angrier than he was willing to let out.

He couldn’t believe that Nene woman could drive him this crazy, he was so mad at her he wanted to see her but too hurt to move a muscle.

“Jaiye, this girl backstabbed an entire Fowler clan, she cannot go scot free. There has to be something we can do.” Oluchi said

“She already did it, there is nothing we can do. Better still, there is nothing we are doing. For years now, the entire family has been living with this, now that it is blown out, it is an opportunity for life to return to normal.” He really didn’t see why they had to repay Nene for anything.

“I agree Oluchi, this gay scandal has already been blown open. People are already asking questions, I have gotten tons of messages since the news broke yesterday, let us just move on from it and breathe” it was Jo talking now.

“but what do we tell the world when they try to confirm? Do we say yes or do we say no?” Oluchi wanted to know.

“we simply ignore” Jaiye said

“but we cannot ignore forever…” Oluchi began to say

“And I say we can!” Jaiye said, a little too loudly. Jire walked into the study where his younger brother, sister and Oluchi had been for a while, he looked at the trio, they were all looking tired.

“You all should get some rest though, I am sure Jare who is the cause of all this drama is doing that in the bosom of his lover as we speak, so why should he rob you of yours.” Jire stated

“my point exactly” Jaiye replied. He really hadn’t gotten much sleep since the news broke, he had been worried sick about his mother and how she was taking the fact that the news they had worked so hard to cover had gone public.

He stood up and picked his car keys, “I am going home, if there is anything anybody needs me for, send me a message. Please don’t call, I am too tired to receive any call, besides I would like to sleep”

Oluchi nodded and watched painfully as he walked past her out of the study.

Jaiye made a quick call to his mother’s room before he left, Adele Fowler was in higher spirits than he had expected and as much as he was relieved he was still a bit worried.

He had expected the news to devastate her but here she was, acting the exact opposite, to him it was a bit unsettling.

“I knew that news would eventually go public, all my friends from the club have been calling me. But I told them, God would take control and they shouldn’t believe everything they hear.” She said to Jaiye and for the first time in a long time, invited him to talk with her for long. After she urged him to go and get some rest and kissed him on the forehead.

“that girl that said you were the father of her baby, how is she?” she suddenly asked when he was almost at the door.

“She is fine” he said, wondering why his mother had suddenly asked and if Nene was truly fine.

Adele nodded, used her pills and went to sleep. Jaiye wondered vaguely what the pills were for as he stepped out of his mother’s room.

Oluchi was waiting for him downstairs and as much as he insisted on her staying back, she went home with him.

He needed her was all she kept saying and he couldn’t help but agree that he needed the company.


Back at Tolu’s flat, Godwin was eating everything he could find in her refrigerator and helping himself to a bottle of red wine.

He had tied Tolu to a chair with a firm rope after shoving her out of the way earlier and now was eating while his sister was asking Tolu questions. He had not been the type to hit a woman, even with all his craze, he had never hit a woman and somehow he felt bad for shoving Tolu so hard she fell, but it had to be done. The little bitch was messing with Godwin’s little sister, someone had to teach her a small lesson.

“where is this pen, Tolu?” Nene asked

“I am never telling you that!” Tolu spat. “and I am going to tell the whole world and have the police arrest you for this!”

Nene shrugged, she honestly didn’t care about that, she intended to worry about it later. All the information she wanted was what she was getting.

She cleared her throat, sat on the arm of the chair near Tolu and said sweetly, “Tolu, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, either way dear, I am leaving this house with that pen, so choose your pick”.


Jaiye got to his apartment with Oluchi and excused himself to take a shower, he needed to rest and get the whole Jare story out of his life.

Ever since the Fowler brother had chosen to be different, all the Fowler family had dealt with was him, somehow the news breaking would give them all the chance to focus on the real things that mattered; their individual lives, goals and businesses.

He made a mental note to suggest to his elder brother to have Jo resume as an intern soon, it was high time they all did things that did not include covering the Jare story and preventing the world from him.

As he stepped out of the shower after his cool and refreshing bath, he thanked God his mother was not taking it badly, he honestly didn’t know what he would have done if she had suffered another major illness and ended up in the hospital.

He heaved a sigh of relief as he wrapped his towel around his waist, Oluchi knocked and let herself into his room before he could respond. She swallowed hard as she lustfully checked out his bare chest.

“I have made calls to all the major media outlets and asked them to take the Jare story down, if the big ones aren’t reporting, the small ones won’t have something to copy from and soon the story would seem like a rumour. Also I have asked the host checked up, dirty laundry is being dug out of her as we speak, she would be telling the world she was just playing a prank when we are done. This would go away like it never happened” Oluchi said and Jaiye simply nodded. As far as he was concerned, all that was unnecessary, but if Oluchi insisted on doing her job, who was he to complain.

She edged her way to him now, placed an arm around his neck while the other trailed his bare chest, slowly down to his waist “you are very hot, Jaiye Fowler” she whispered in his ears. “Too hot for me to keep my mind straight”

Jaiye didn’t know what to do or how to respond to Oluchi’s sudden behavior, he never even knew she felt this way towards him, if he had to guess anybody she would have the hots for in his family, he would have picked Jire. Because that was the suave, handsome and intelligent Fowler brother, he easily charmed the ladies and had his way with them.

“Oluchi, we cannot do this.” He said

“why? You are available, I am available and we have known each other for a very long time, give me one reason why we can’t do this” she queried.

Because I want to make hot passionate love to one woman and it is not you. That was the thought that crossed his mind and he was surprised he was thinking in that line, he was supposed to be mad at the woman he now realized he wanted to make love to, he wasn’t supposed to be thinking of getting her naked on his sheets while he got her to moan his name softly, under him.

His phone rang and he thanked his stars for that, he had clearly warned his family not to call him because he didn’t want to take calls but he was grateful it came, it was the only way he could successfully disengage from Oluchi without being rude or cold.

He picked the phone it was his sister, “Yes Jo”

Then he listened to her break the news of their mother’s death to him.


Jaiye never attended funerals and so he did not know what to expect at his mother’s funeral. As much as his family was one of the most popular in Nigeria and they threw and got invited to a lot of events, he still wasn’t used to social gatherings and funerals? He simply never attended them.

So he just wore one of his numerous designer black suits, the last shirt his mother bought for him from a popular Italian designer which was coincidentally black and a brave expression, while he held on to a devastated Jo.

He was dying inside, he wanted to cry like a little boy, but he couldn’t. He was supposed to be brave and so he did just that.

When they returned home and family and friends came to offer condolences, he had worn that same brave face while he held Joan close. Their father had locked himself away in his bedroom, away from everybody while he mourned his wife. Jaiye knew how much in love he was with his wife and how much this was going to kill him.

Jide came to take Jo away after a while, he was taking her home with him so his wife could monitor her, he had told Jaiye.

Jaiye liked the idea and he was grateful they didn’t ask him to take care of Jo because he was a wreck himself, he excused himself and went to his father’s private study.  There was nobody in there and he was grateful for the peace and quiet he would be getting alone for a while. He needed to think about his mother, needed to enjoy his grief alone.

Sitting on the only armchair in the room, he poured himself a glass of scotch and slowly drank from it while his heart sank. The images of the last time he spoke to his mother flooded his memory, she had used her pills and gone to sleep. A sleep she was never to wake up from, she had used her pills…those pills that he had vaguely wondered about were sleeping tablets that she had eventually overdosed on.

He remembered her last words and how she seemed unperturbed about the questions her friends were asking her, did she purposely overdose on those pills? Had she been really worried about the news that went public and her friends’ questions? He wondered if he could ever get answers to those questions.

Jare had brought this upon them all. He had attended the funeral with Antonio, stood with them in church while he clung to his partner. Jaiye felt it was disrespectful to his mother’s memory, considering the fact that it was what killed Adele. He stood up and walked towards the door, he was leaving the house, going somewhere to be alone. He got his phone out of his pocket, he would get his chopper and fly to Abuja. Or just get plane tickets and go to Dubai instead.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he found Jare in the sitting room with his lover, Antonio holding each other and kissing while a few people watched with interest. Fury fueled inside of him as he wondered why his brother decided to engage in his sexual pleasures in the full glare of the public and just shortly after their mother was buried six feet deep. His mother…someone who never liked Antonio. He strode to where Antonio was, pulled him and yelled the words at him, “get the hell out of this house asshole!”

“You can’t tell him to get out Jaiye, he is family.” Jare yelled back.

Jaiye scoffed, Jare had to be kidding him “Family to whom? You? He is not a part of this family and I demand that he gets the hell out this minute!”

The silence in the room was deafening, everyone was looking at them now, watching the drama unfolding in front of them.

“Jaiye you are just being…”

Jaiye pushed Antonio towards the exit of the house, “get out now you faggot!” he shouted, he was disgusted beyond words.

As Antonio walked out embarrassed, Oluchi ran to Jaiye and pulled him into the study with her.

“Hey Jaiye, you need to calm down, Okay? Please. I know how terrible you feel.” She held his head with her palms and kissed him on the forehead and then gently placed the wet kisses on his nose and then his lips.

If Jaiye had not been so overwhelmed with emotions, he would have stopped her from the next thing she did, her tongue parted his lips and probed for his, he was hesitant at first but she didn’t relent and so he finally let her. He kissed her hungrily as if searching for an answer, as if hoping she would make him feel better but the more he probed, the more the emptiness engulfed him, enveloping him more than the sorrow he felt from the death of his mother. But rather than stop, he continued. She unbuttoned his shirt and he pulled down the zip to her black dress, he had her on the table in seconds. She parted her legs and he stood in between them, ready to take her any minute.


“dis house fine no be small” Godwin marveled at the architectural design of the Fowler mansion as they stepped into the massive sitting area. Nene had attended the funeral and it had taken a lot of debate with her mind and her brother before she had finally succumbed to seeing him, offering her condolences and then going away forever.

She owed him. She hoped to apologize to him too and she hoped deep down that he would accept it.

She had been directed to the study when she asked for him, Godwin had accepted to stay outside and wait for her while she spoke to Jaiye.

The moans that she heard from the door made her pause but curiosity took the better of her and she opened the door.

Her legs wobbled as she watched the man she was sure she couldn’t get out of her mind in the arms of another woman. Her heart broke and her hand shook, she held the doorknob tight so she wouldn’t fall, she felt like she was coming down with a fever.

Jaiye knew he couldn’t continue with it, Oluchi wanted him but he didn’t want her, he wanted another, he wanted Nene.

And as much as he didn’t understand why; because he was so mad at her, he knew he would rather be making love to her than Oluchi. He also knew once he had sex with Oluchi, things would get more complicated, so he stopped.

“I cannot do this Oluchi” He muttered, the disappointment on her face was immeasurable.

“You like her don’t you?” she asked.

“who?” Jaiye asked.

“you know who.” Oluchi snapped, she was a bit slighted.

It was at that moment that he felt he was being watched, he looked at the entrance and saw standing in flesh and blood, Nene. She smiled at him, the smile was lopsided.

“My condolences, Mr Fowler” she said, smiled and shut the door.



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