The Devil Is A Liar: Woman Marries Guest After Husband Fails To Show Up On Wedding Day

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A woman married a guest after her wedding after her husband-to-be didn’t appear, Times of India reports.

Ponradha, 23, daughter of Palpandi of Lakshmimanagaram near Arumuganeri in Kanyakumari district was betrothed to be married to Sithiraivelu, 35, son of Jayaraman of Lakshmipuram in Kayalpattinam of the same district.

The wedding was to be held on Wednesday and arrangements were on in full swing in the bride’s hometown. They had prepared to welcome the bridegroom on Tuesday evening and were awaiting his arrival when they were informed that he had gone missing.

Sithiraivelu’s family had claimed to the bride’s family that Sitharaivelu had a quarrel with them on Monday and walked out of their home.

Though they had been expecting him to come back as usual, he did not return, they had further said. Hearing this, the bride’s family went into a frenzy, as a stopped marriage would affect the girl’s future.

The news spread around the town of Lakshmimanagaram like a wildfire when Sivakumar, a relative of the bride who had come to take part in the wedding, agreed to marry Ponradha after his relatives persuaded him to do so.

The wedding then took place as per the schedule, much to the relief of the family. The other guests who had come there also congratulated and appreciated Sivakumar for his timely gesture.



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