Tension Time: Check Out The 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever [PHOTOS]

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One of the most happiest moments in a woman’s life is the moment the man of her dreams pops the most important question ever: “Will you marry me?”

The only material remnant of this moment is the engagement ring, which over time has become classier and more expensive.

Be it traditional white gold or solitaire diamond rings, modern multi-gem colored rings or three-stone diamond rings, the engagement rings says a lot about the giver, the taker and the relationship.

Now, be careful not to drool as I take you through the 10 most expensive engagement rings ever.

10. From Prince William To Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (N22million)

It’s the same engagement ring that was worn by Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana of Wales. The sapphire is fringed by 14 tiny diamonds.

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9. From Enrique Iglesias to Anna Kournikova (N396million)

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8. Michael Douglas to Catherine Zeta-Jones (N396million)

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7. Aristotle Onassis to Jacqueline Onassis (N413million)

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6. Donald Trump to Melissa Knauss (N476million)

Fullscreen capture 1252013 71825 PM5. Marc Anthony to Jennifer Lopez (N635million)

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4. Prince Ranier III of Monaco to Grace Kelly (N645million)

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3. Paris Latsis to Paris Hilton (N746million)

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2. Jay-Z to Beyonce (N794million)

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1. Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor (N1.4billion)

Wonder why it so expensive, and tops our list? The ring has a huge 33.19 carat Asscher-cut diamond. It is a type IIa diamond, the most chemically pure diamond ever. Wowza!

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