Ten Thousand Hours and Other Non-Illuminati Economics

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What is thanksgiving without twerky? -Miley Cyrus
It’s easier to get laid than find good 3G in this town -sir_castiq
Where do you find Blue Ivy’s strip club? Go North West.
For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? -Bible.
This year’s had it’s share of interesting events in pop culture. I’m just here to talk about the Illuminati craze. The hype is dying down now so it’s finally possible to talk about it and being that I love to talk, I will. For about 3 months, a large number of adults, rational, educated humans held the belief that the success of most business persons and artistes was due to a bargain with “the devil”.  I’m serious, I know people who said this shit was true. Everybody from Taylor swift, to Kanye West to Lil’ Wayne was supposed to be Illuminati.  My first thought is that the group cannot be that exclusive. Any organisation that would willingly associate with Lil’ Wayne can’t be that classy and if you believe Bill Gates and Birdman belong to the same secret society, please tweet at me I have some money doubling machines I’d like to sell you.
These stories are centuries old. From tales of blood drinking nobles to one particularly hare brained theory that the United States never landed on the moon. I could talk about organizations like the Knights Templar, The Skull and Bones club, the Bilderberg society, the Priory of Sion, the Trilateral commission and many other secret societies who are supposed to control the world but I’ll just say it’s stupid. The answer is in plain view. Who controls the world? Money. Demand and Supply.
Roughly estimating, at this point in time, there are about 6.5 billion living people. That is over 6.5 billion souls. As such, a soul is a very easily obtainable object and yet the devil will give you fame, fortune and billions of dollars in exchange for just one soul. That’s very bad business. I’d probably offer you N6k, last, if it were up to me. If you say no, there’s over 6.4 billion more people to try.
The truth is working at something make you better at it. You put in the 10,000 hours, you become genius at it. Like this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk7ASX32FyM.
Putting in the 10k hours doesn’t mean busy work. Your mind has to be in it. It looks like the work is hard but what are you going to do? Play all your life? Trust me it gets boring. There comes a time where you push the cute, busty russian twins off you, drop the vodka and the mary jane and… sorry was dreaming for a moment there. What kind of guy gives up Stolichnaya and russian twins? Anyway work hard jor, that’s the way to money.
University goers and graduates are probably familiar with the concept of Night Class also known as ‘Awoko’ in some places. You leave the hostel, pack books and a sweater if the weather is cold and go to a lecture theatre to read all night. I used to do that in 100 Level. Only I didn’t read much. Instead I’d be chasing dark koro high score*(If you know what that means, you are a pervert and need Jesus).  I wasn’t reading.  Luckily my grades didn’t suffer because 100 Level is quite easy. I did stop night class after some chair-bros-es came and collected the phone I was keeping for them. Getting an apartment off campus did more for my education than all the lectures combined. Finally there was somewhere I could read and not be disturbed. I found out I loved computers, put in a few thousand hours and hey, I’m a programmer now. Anything can be learnt if you put your mind to it. When you feel like you can’t, ask yourself why. It’ll change your life.
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*Dark Koro-s are a series of ‘colobi*’ spots with little or no lighting were you can get to know a girl better. ‘Know’ here, being in the biblical sense. “Abraham knew his wife and she brought forth a son”. Sharp dudes know where all the dark koros are.
*Dude you don’t know what colobi means? Here’s a LASTMA jacket..


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  1. Lol. This guy is mad. I feel some of your points but also, I believe those societies exist. Maybe it doesn’t have everyone like the way Crazies are always saying or something but I think there is. I didn’t say I know o

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