She Don Hammer: Cheryl Cole Wins Court Battle With X-Factor; Takes Home £1.4million

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Cheryl Cole has come out victorious in her court battle with X-Factor US, and has reportedly earned a lot of money as spoils.

The former Girls Aloud star took the show’s producer Blue Orbit to court after she was sacked from the programme after just three weeks on the judging panel.And while the amount of money received has not been confirmed, the initial lawsuit stated that she was owed £1.4million.

Speaking to The Metro, a source said: “It was about the production company and the contract they signed. This was the final sticking point and mean everything has been resolved. She’s been paid.”

The 11-page lawsuit filed at the time said that although she was paid £1.1million salary for the season she appeared on the show , she was still owed £1.25million for the show’s second season plus a £62,000 wardrobe allowance, a £15,500 stylist allowance, a £9,300-a-month living allowance and £1,550-a-month living expenses.She has also requested that Blue Orbit productions should reimburse the cost of bodyguards and the first-class flights she took to Los Angeles as well as flights for members of her entourage.

Cheryl was initially left furious when she was sacked from the show, after US viewers reportedly struggled to understand her Geordie accent.



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