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There certainly should be a place/chance for forgiveness, when a partner wrongs you, you should certainly have that room for forgiveness, but if he exhibits any of these signs, you might want to kick him to the curb.

-Too much fight. Yesterday he picked a fight about your best male friend, this morning it is about another thing and during your relationship, you remember more fights than happy times. What is a relationship if it doesn’t make you happy? If the fights have overshadowed the happy times, kick him to the curb.

-He is always busy. He always cancels your dates, or worse always forgets them. He always tells you he is too busy to make dates, dinners or events where you should go as a couple. This is because he is not ready for you, a man who truly loves you would always make time for you no matter how little. So if he is a Mr Busy, pack his stuff and let him go.

-He is controlling. He tells you what to do, who to talk to, what to wear, how to smile, how to pee, how to fart? If the man is taking charge of your life like it is an extension of his, you need to let him go. You wont be happy anyway.

-he doesn’t support your goals. Or worse, he does not have any of his. If he falls into this category, time to set him free.

-He flirts. And sees absolutely nothing with it, see it is bad if he flirts, it is worse if he sees nothing wrong with it. A man like this is not deserving of you, let him go.

-He picks a fight with everyone. At home, at work, at dinner. With anybody, he is always ready to fight. Except he is an agbero and he works full time at a motor park, there is no reason for him to be like this and there is no reason for you to be with him.

-He is not a Mr nice guy. Some girls have been deluded into believing that because he is not nice on the first date means he is showing his true self and he is not pretending.

Forget this assumption. A man who does not make an effort to be nice on your first date isn’t worth it, you are just getting to know each other and in fact he should play Mr nice guy up until the third date! If he insists on being childish, then set him free.



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  1. I totally and completely agree with u, and you 4got “So very full himself” “ jerk” even girls are attracted to them, Run! when.u see them coming.

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