R. Kelly Hypes Kanye West; Says Another Collabo With Jay-Z Might Happen [VIDEO]

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Legendary singer R. Kelly talked to Rap Up TV about his latest album Black Panties in a new interviews, where he also talked about the people he had worked with, his Trapped In The Closet series.

“A lot of people didn’t believe in Kanye, a lot of people didn’t believe in me. He’s a genius in his own right and he’s on top now,” R. Kelly of Kanye West, who he worked with on Cruel Summer‘s To the World.

While he and Jay Z had a fallout after their Best of Both Worlds albums, he is not ruling out another collaboration. “In this business, man, you just never know,” he said. “It happened once, it happened again. You just never know.”

One thing that is certain are more Trapped in the Closet episodes. “I got 50-something chapters in the studio just waiting to be shot and then there’s more to come. It’s just one of those forever things, man.”

A Trapped in the Closet movie is already being written along with a Broadway show and a book.

Watch the interview below.



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  1. We are all trapped in the closet. Don’t judge. People do a lot more crazier things for fun as couples every day n night. He was just unfortunate to be caught in the act. No one will ever take away the fact he is the best on top of his game: no was had come closer even a very long time of absence. He is the best in R&B: Thats where ‘best of both worlds’ tour with Jigga came about. Unfortunately, I am not feeling ‘Black panties’ album that much.

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