Presidency: Obasanjo’s Letter Is “Mischevious & Highly Unbecoming”

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After a scathing letter written by former president Olusegun Obasanjo to incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan accusing him of promoting corruption amongst other things went public, the Presidency has issued a public  response.

The presidency described the letter as reckless, baseless, unjustifiable and of containing “indecorous charges levied against him and his administration by the former Head of State.”

Read the statement by the president’s spokesperson, Reuben Abati, below.


We have noted the publication on several websites today of a letter recently written by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The Presidency acknowledges that it has indeed received the said letter from Chief Obasanjo. We however find it highly unbecoming, mischievous and provocative that a letter written by a former Head of State and respected elder statesman to President Jonathan has been deliberately leaked to the mass media in a deplorable effort to impugn the integrity of the President and denigrate his commitment to giving Nigeria the best possible leadership.

While many patriotic, objective and well-meaning Nigerians have already condemned the leaked letter as self-serving, hypocritical, malicious, indecent, and very disrespectful of the highest office in the land, President Jonathan has directed that none of his aides or any government official should join issues with Chief Obasanjo over it.

The President himself will, at the appropriate time, offer a full personal response to the mostreckless, baseless, unjustifiable and indecorous charges levied against him and his administration by the former Head of State.

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)
December 11, 2013



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  1. There is a lot of Jonathan e-Warriors on this site. However, it should be noted that all that Obasanjo said about Jonathan is the truth. Corruption is at alarming rate never witnessed in this country before now. He is actually dividing Nigerians along the lines of Religion and ethnicity (e.g. most commentators in support of GEJ, even in cases that are obviously known to be wrong and condemnable are either Ibos and/or Niger deltans). Let me pinpoint to you all that because Obasanjo is a Xtian like GEJ that call a spade a spade, most of the commentators will be seen divided along tribal lines. Most supporters of GEJ will be SE and SS while others will be for OBJ. However if it is a comment from someone like Tinubu, Buhari, IBB or el-rufai, the e-warriors will be divided along religion. In summary, as the President not succeeded in dividing us as truly stated by OBJ? It also a known fact in the judicial arena that GEJ freed al-Mustapha, for whatever, we shall live to see. But one thing we should know, just like before the case of Farouk-otedola scandal, OBJ always have fact and figures before he talks. He is also a General. OBJ is a not a saint, but we could still remember that he sacked and jailed the then serving minister of Internal affairs (SM Afolabi, a Yoruba Man like him) who later died due to the BP from the disgrace received.
    Moreover, we have siemens gate, oduahgate, etc and surrounding yourself with thieves like Okupe, anenih, honoring alamesia, making adamu muazu (ex-gov of bauchi PENCOM chairman is still a concern for Nigerian workers), we also have our Lord Jesus in person of Madam Dame Patience Jonathan who had gone to heaven and returned making things terrible for Nigerians.

    just so many to say……………………………………………….But Nigeria is greater than any individual, be it OBJ, IBB, Atiku, JP Clark, Asari Dokubo and including GEJ and sycophants around him.
    Nigeria will survive, African go survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. our drunk of a president has lost it. leadership isn’t easy but obj did a way better job. the country has suffered blood shed and corruption under GEJ era. the word used in d letter were not outa place

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