Opinion: ASUU, Why?

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ASUU have settled with the government. You probably already know that. That is news. Not my job. Bloggers spread news. My job between vodka swilling and sarcastic commenting is to tell you what I think of it.
You know what I think? Bloody inconsiderate. We’re almost halfway through December. One would think those yobs would have the decency and stamina to strike right into the new year, but no, they must interrupt, our jobs, pointless laying about, and bad decision driven festivities to send us back to school.
What’s most annoying is this: I had plans.
Besides only having half a pay check this month, a brother now has absolutely no chance of attending the Calabar carnival. I had high hopes for that. I have it on the good authority of friends who were there last year that the carnival is a lot of fun.
Sure, there are all those nice and thoughtful events put together by the state government designed to separate you from your cash with as much skill as Ben Carson in an operating theatre but the real attraction of Calabar is it’s people.
My friends spoke highly of the hospitality of the people, the females mostly. They dwelled a bit too long on the “warmth” of their welcome, enough to let me know I was a loser for not following and so I had been very much hoping to be there but now my festive period will be spent with my nose in a book.
Exams, lecturers, class reps, annoying class mates and other schooly evils I had been very glad to forget about for a bit are back. Such cruelty. I have not missed school and I feel sad at going back.
I rant more @sir_castiq..


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