#NelsonMandela: RIP Madiba

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Mandela is dead. Don’t be sad. It’s okay. 95 years is a long time to live. It’s even better when you are one of the most loved people on the planet. He was a great man. Madiba for black people, personified the hustle.

The struggle to be, to matter, to be recognized. He fought and stood against greater odds when so many would have stepped aside. To be ranked among the likes of Gandhi, Mandela showed the world what a strong will and a refusal to back down can accomplish. Facing down authoritarian rule because of what he knew was right. The nobility of spirit and integrity of this man was matchless.

The nobles who wrought the Magna Carta, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela. These men understood the value and sanctity of life. The knowledge that all men are born equal. The very air we breathe is made sweeter by the freedom they gained for us. He wasn’t a Nigerian but he’s a hero here and everywhere people love truth.

RIP Mandela, Vaya Con Dios.



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  1. I’ve just downloaded Madiba by Rubicon Day from iTunes.
    It is a beautiful and powerful song, a true tribute to a man of great determination, strength and dignity.
    Rest in peace Madiba

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