Miley Cyrus Masturbates In Teaser To New Music Video

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It seems Miley has officially graduated from twerking and now is unto public masturabtion. Miley previewed the video to ‘Adore You’ which is a track off her ‘Bangerz’ album. In the approximately 6-seconds video, Miley Cyrus who is (un)dressed in bra and panties reaches down into her panties slowly and then rubs continuously. Watch the video below to see yourself. Wonder how suggestive the full video will be



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  1. lady gaga dry humped R kelly, miley masturbated, wonder who would be the first to have sex as a music video or stage performance……. smh

  2. It’s quite amazing to me how inhibited people are. Why is “civilised society” so afraid of human sexuality? That truly makes me smh.

  3. I’ve always secretly thought that Miley would be sexy looking when she masturbates, but this clip is too short to properly see if she is really doing it or just pretending.

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