Meet Imam Daayiee Abdullah, The World’s First Openly Gay Imam

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An Imam in America, Imam Daayiee Abdullah has gained notoriety in Islamic circles as the first openly gay Imam.

According to Aljazeera, Imam Abdullah was born a Christian, born and raised in Detroit, where his parents were Southern Baptists.

But at age 15, he told his parents he was gay.

At 33, while studying in China, Abdullah converted to Islam, and went on to study the religion in Egypt, Jordan and Syria.
But as a gay man in America, he saw that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Muslims had unmet spiritual needs, so he decided to become an imam to attend to their needs.

“Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. And because of the necessity in our community, that’s why I came into this particular role,” he told America Tonight about his journey.

His first act as an imam was performing funeral rites, Muslim body cleaning ritual for a gay Muslim who died of AIDS.

Pained Abdullah said:

“They had contacted a number of imams, and no one would go and provide him his janazah services. This pained me. I believe every person, no matter if I disagree with you or not, you have the right as a Muslim to have the proper spiritual [rites] and rituals provided for you. And whoever judges you, that will be Allah’s decision, not me.

“The beautiful thing about God is that when you change your attitude, and say, ‘God, I need some help,’ and mean it sincerely, God is always there for you”

Abdullah serves as the imam and educational director of the Light of Reform Mosque in Washington, D.C.

A mosque he helped form more than two years ago, to be a safe space for values and practices that other mosques may eschew.

In his mosque, women and men kneel side-by-side and women are allowed to lead prayers – actions that have sparked controversy even among American Muslims.

His mosque’s congregants are diverse and represent a wide range of cultures, religious upbringings and s*xual orientations.
For its LGBT congregants, the Light of Reform Mosque is a rare safe space. But not all of them are gay. Many are just Muslims looking for a mosque that accepts all kinds.

Not everyone is happy with the mosque though. Some local imams have refused to greet Abdullah, and many others across the country argue his work performing same-s*x marriage is not legitimate, and that he should control his “urges.”

But Abdullah is firm in his belief. “Being an openly gay imam and having been identified as such, I do get a lot of feedback and also kickback, but that’s OK,” he said. “I think that when people are unfamiliar with things, they tend to have an emotional knee-jerk reaction to it.

Abdullah has hope that the message he is working to spread will continue to resonate: “It is our relationship with God and our relationship with each other that really establishes our faith.” Not whether you are gay or straight.



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  1. A tiny light but one can hope that this may grow to be the start of a Muslim reformation.

    A small step on the road to irrelevance just like chritianity

    1. this will neva happen muslims will never accept this kind of sheet let him keep dreaming….y was he made a imam he should be droped..

  2. this person is a fake in islam being gay and lesbian is unacceptable fuck you,,,, what koran do you read..??surely the world is cming to an end the koran itself forbids a husband to enter his wife anally burn in help uve alredy been corupted by the americans bt islam will never change you kafir…

    1. @hadija i dont think he is muslim. who so ever you be, stop bringing in controversy to Islam. Do not believe this shit if you are Muslim

  3. Just Non Muslims conspiracy
    why Non Muslims want Muslims to be homosexual??
    Even Dog always looking for Bitch and Bitch looking for Dog and this is Ist Muslim Gay Imam??
    These all symbol world going for Destruction
    If you don’t believe Muslims Google the ” Sodom and Gomorrah ” Read the Bible and wait God will Destroy you like Sodom and Gomorrah
    All the best

  4. This Imam is clearly going on trial, we don’t have such thing as Homoseuallity for those who believe in religion. People who have earned a high position in our society need to represent the right path and not lead our innocent astray. Gay people are not gay only they think they are gay. Homosexualiy is abosoluely forbidden as it brings so many diseaases in our society. If rev frank shaffer of the methodit church has been put on trial then every muslim who is strong in faih and qualified imam can put this dayieeh on trail!!!
    We don’t wanna give people the notion that homosexuallity is acceptable in islam as it is completely forbidden. The word islam mean ‘submission to God’ jet jesus submiyyed to god he was not homosexual. So many prohpets have submied to God the almighty. We cant accept such acts of indeceny in the name of Islam!!! I would sugges imam dayieh to stopp spreading false propoganda or change his clothe as we do not accep such thing in islam!!!!

  5. This is definitely the hand work of the disbelieving folks, paying some sell out hypocrites or pple to become a muslim and make them leaders so as the tarnish the image of Islam and muslims. This is bcoz Islam is d only surviving religion that is free from crookedness. they will always want muslims to involved in their evil ways directly or indirectly so as to hold on to a justification d@ Islam permits it. Jealousy wanna kill them. (swines).
    May Allaah put them to shame in this world and in hereafter if they don’t desist from this taboo. .

    Islam shall be the victorious religion inshaAllah.

  6. May the Almighty Allah curse t
    hem all,fools,do You Think u can put islam to shame,may u rot in hell.curse you all who puts islam to shame, hypocrates.

  7. the evil in usa is trying by any means to affect it virus accross the nation.. you carzy lier.. how much were u paid to act like this?? do u think u can manipulate people by ur lies?? who made u an imam of islam?? stupid ideot.. it is even clear that no one knows where u have studied from what a lier, what do u know about the nobel book holy Quran?? u better put a stop to such foolishness because no one is going to believe such animality from you.. muslims are humans, as christians are, therefore go into the bush and estabilish such animality called gayism there,, only if the wild animals will accept that..

  8. Groups of islamic organisation need to work hard on this and do their campain worldwide for not to misled people by preaching negative. But it’s my belive tha He is not a Muslim. He can not change the Holy Quran, people that meen more than him has try it and they fail. All muslim must not sleep. Also some strong people might behind it.

  9. Only the twerp and lazy hypocrites can be deceived by this he goat who calls himself,infact itself ,an Imam.Even a dead swain is of much importance than you. Do you thick you are fighting muslims. The religion ISLAM is for ALLAH.So the owner shall indeed protect what is His.It is not for us to put you and your helpers to trail,that will be mere. The best of trail that you deserve will come from Allah,The only One GodP

  10. This man need to be examined if does not suffered from mental disorder. ISLAM is pure and know one can stain it.

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