Mary Mary Singer Erica Campbell Hits Back At Critics Who Think She’s Too Sexy To Praise God [PHOTOS]

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Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell caused an outrage among the Christian community after she released photos for her new album cover.

The photos were deemed “too sexy” for someone supposed to be singing God’s praises, but Campbell has hit back at her critics.

According to Clutch Magazine, Apostle Stacey Woods of Impact Outreach Ministries, Inc. lashed out at the 41-year-old on Facebook for her form fitting white attire. “THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman…but NO MA’AM YOU ARE SINGING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Saints…smh COME ON.”

Yesterday (Dec. 17) Campbell responded to critics during an exclusive interview with And while she admitted that she felt “beautiful,” “confident,” & “strong,” with the support of her family during the photo shoot, she added that the criticism should yield itself a more in depth conversation towards Christianity and sexuality.“This is about confidence and realizing that God made you and that you are beautiful just the way you are,” she said. “I think that young girls shouldn’t only get sexy images from people who are not proclaiming Jesus. But I am. And I’m cute too.”

Check out the photos below.




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  1. Having looked at the picture in my own personal opinion there is nothing wrong that dressing because no part of her body is exposed! And a child of God should look beautiful so that unbelievers will know that God makes those who serve him beautiful

  2. I think that Mary Mary are both beautiful women.Being saved has nothing to do with what you wear.We must all remember that man looks on the outer appearence but God looks at your heart.

  3. True story…We were guest singers for a church’s anniversary, Minister went in very early to do a sound check. It took so long; I invested what was taking him so long. He was being chased around the church by a female minister. Later that night, we the back round singers, were reprimanded by the preacher of that church for looking inappropriately (good looking) to be gospel singers. They wanted us to wear long white robes and head bandanas… “Man looks at the outward appearance and God looks at the heart”…Amen

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