Maheeda Cries During TV Interview After Fans Call In With Insults

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Maheeda says she’s a singer, though she has achieved notoriety for her raucous pictures on social media.

These pictures are so sexually immoral Maheeda was banned from Instagram, and she is not exactly a favorite among Nigerian music lovers.

The height of this dislike was apparent when she appeared on an interview on Galaxy TV and was bombarded by insults by those calling in.

She broke down when the callers insulted her and questioned her motives for posting those pictures.

Here’s what Maheeda said:

“I’m not posting those nude pictures on the internet to teach people to start going naked, I posted them because I felt I am sexy and I love sexuality.

In Europe, where I live, at a certain age, parents will start to teach their children about sex education.

But it is unfortunate that I came from this part of the world (Africa) where sentiment is attached to everything.

I’m 31 years old and I can’t pretend to behave like a baby or something. I’m sexy and I like it.

I’m still spiritually inclined and I have some gospel songs which are not out yet. One of them is Papangolo.”

When asked whether she is aware she is supposed to be a role model, Maheeda replied:

“I think the parents have a lot to do in that respect. They should try as much as possible to prevent their children from going naked on the streets.

They should teach them sex education. Those nude pictures you see is Maheeda. That is me.

I am just expressing myself. I’m sexy and I am only appreciating that fact because I love sexuality.”



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  1. oh plz She can appreciate herself by staring @ the mirror all day if she wants but not posting nude pictures 4 the whole world 2 see and still expect 2 have respect and dignity in the eyes of pple, especially not as a gospel singer.

  2. All your comments are just dumb as you lot are dense…I’m sorry but it’s the truth..YOU LOT ARE AS DENSE AS THE AMAZON FOREST ON A RAINY DAY, if you know what a forest is though I doubt you do…. When you feel sexy what do you do you flaunt it in short dresses or in tight shirts or in flashy clothes, she feels sexy, she is 31 for fucks sakes, she is legally allowed her freedom of expression…. So those of you who watch porn are better how…. Or in some of you gentle men’s cases compare your dick sizes to your woman’s ex, asking her is it bigger… I’m sorry but you’re lower than she is… Bloody arseholes crucifying her for her way of expressing herself… Okay. Dare you lot to do one week of not expressin yourself and see how it feels, imagine everyone is watching your every move…. If you cave under it you owe her an apology… And let’s bet all of you will say I can do it…. Cheap lying arseholes

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