Luis Suarez duped into signing new five-year contract at Liverpool

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Luis Suarez’s performances at Liverpool this season have made him arguably the most sought-after striker in Europe, with Arsenal’s £40 million bid over the summer now appearing to be way below the odds for a game-changing player.
And despite the Reds being title contenders for the first time in five years, there appears to be a very real chance that he could leave. Or perhaps ED should say a a very Real chance, since it is the Madrid giants who seem most likely to try and force a January move for the Uruguayan. So Liverpool fans are understandably terrified of losing a player who is their only realistic chance of Premier League glory.

One fan decided not to sit around waiting for bad news, however: he decided to take action, and saw his opportunity while attending the Football Supporters’ Federation awards night at which the 26-year-old was one of the star guests.
The fan grabbed a nearby napkin, wrote out the basic words of a contract – “I hereby commit my future for the next five years to Liverpool football club” – at the top, then folded the words back out of sight.
He then collared Suarez on the way to the gents, and got the unsuspecting player to pen the new five-year deal. Problem solved! Lol!

luissuarez-napkin1470157Source: Yahoo! Sport



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