#LetterToMyNext: “You’re The One I Want To Pound Yam For” by @duchesskk

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Happy December, people!

It’s the Letter To My Next series, and we’re welcoming you into the new month with style!

It’s an awesome letter by @duchesskk. Enjoy!

Dear Next,

First you should know, there have been a few before you, many crushes, a few flings, one mistake, three relationships and one heartbreak. Seems like an awful lot but hopefully all these won’t matter when you get here.

There’s so much I should say but I don’t want to scare you away. I’d say these few, so you know I am serious about us.

Everyone claims they are not asking for much in a relationship but the truth is I’m asking for much. Much more than anyone has been willing to give – I want all of you. I’m asking for so much ’cause I’m more than willing to do so much more.

I don’t want to make the mistake of not telling you how I feel, I don’t want to drop subtle messages , when I want something I’d say it . I want to love you with all that I have and am and not be ashamed of it.

I want to play PS with you over Henny and Doritos. I want to play pranks on you and with you. I want that look that only you can understand. I want to be vulnerable, I want you to know you can hurt me – you don’t have to though.

I know you have baggage, we all do, just make it light enough for me to handle. I have baggage but for you I want to offload all of it.

Before you go investigating me, I should tell you this, I am an over thinker, I over analyze stuff till something is actually wrong , I’m not perfect , there may be dirt. But with you I want a clean slate.

Even if we have differences, I hope that we can always be on the same team. The winning team.

You’re the one I want to pound yam for, the exes got poundo. You’re the one I want to wake up with the great aroma of dodo.

I’m sure you need a much more than a friend, you need someone to run hot baths for you and scrub your back in the shower, I’m sure you miss your mama’ s hot meals , I’m sure you miss all the love and affection from your past relationships , this is all of those things wrapped in one person – me . I want you to know I’m the craziest , I’d turn up at your office on a late night wearing nothing under my dress so I can make sure you get a little more than work done .

I’m that woman that wants to make you happy. In the past I’ve got hurt for doing too much or doing too little but I don’t want all that to matter with you. I want to take risks, share secrets and enjoy moments with you. I don’t want to be everybody’s girl; I want to be your girl, the one responsible for your happiness, meals and orgasms.

With you I don’t want those trust issues, those games, those tantrums. I want to give head not headache and make love not war.

We aren’t official yet, you haven’t said those words but be sure that when you do I’d be here to say “yes” and make it happen.

I’m not the most stable person, I’m not miss world but I have my own shit, I’m ready to be your second-in-command, partner in crime and the whole nine yards.

So here’s to my next, another chance at love, giving and sharing. Here’s to midnight truth or dare, here’s to a time of compromise and sacrifice, there’s no price tag on this next one, be sure of that.

Here’s to D, when you’re ready, I’m here.

– @duchesskk

Awww! Such a beautiful letter! Come and pound yam for me!

See you tomorrow again, guys! Have an awesome month!



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